10 interesting ideas for birthday

The success of any occasion, especially birthday – a sense of humor, high spirits and good company. Of course, many people tired of the usual table scenario the organization birthday, so offers you creative ideas of his organization :

1. Take the celebration outside your apartment, at least on the roof of your house. The higher, the more exciting will be seen a picture of it and the less prying onlookers on your fun.

2. Maybe you always wanted to skydive. Of course, if the height does not scare you, then your party — it’s a good excuse to jump together with friends. You will continue to remember that , gathered at one table.

3. If you consider yourself an active person, you may be interested in such event, the shooting of the hero of the occasion, i.e. your person, in a paintball club. Now this game can be organized in the club and on the nature in all ammunition, and go off to the fullest.

4. And those who lead a healthy lifestyle, will be able to appreciate the festive event, similar outing on bicycles , roller skates, or riding. plus a Grand barbecue then, somewhere in a picturesque corner of nature. You can coincide with the celebration overnight Hiking or kayaking.

5. If you wish to visit with your guests as much places, we can organize an excursion, during which you will visit all the famous places of the city . discos, bars, restaurants, casino, ice complex and bowling alley.

Not less vivid impressions will bring original excursions in Kiev . For example, will amuse you and your guests Kyiv funny . You will see unusual monuments and graffiti, will walk through the most unique of the Kiev courts. And if you like the atmosphere of mystery and mysticism, feel free to go on a tour called night at the Museum of Bulgakov . Touch the age in which he lived, our ingenious countryman!

Of course, we can go even further. For example, in Chernivtsi. Weekend in the Ukrainian Paris (namely the so-called main town of Bukovina) – guided tour, which is a great alternative to a boring holiday at home table. But perhaps you will enjoy the tour Tunnel of love + castles of Volyn . After all, what could be better than a celebration in the company’s second half in one of the most romantic places of Ukraine?

6. Great idea to celebrate your birthday on the wheels. Today there is a service like renting a festive tram or trolleybus, which will go all over your city all day. Inside the transport can be decorated with balloons, music, food and drink will help you to spend your holiday. This tour is interesting because some had long been using the services of this transport, since I prefer auto.

7. You can also mark the celebration in addition to land and on the water. If you fit the waterway. Remember the song “On the boat music plays”? Now – arrange a disco on the ship . of course, with cocktails. Be sure all the guests will be delighted.

Source: skorosvadba.kz

9. When was the last time you rode on the rides? Can’t remember? Then surely you need to fill this gap! Birthday at an amusement Park — what could be more fun? Here you can forget about all the problems and fully enjoy what is happening! Take your friends and enjoy a day of fun. Add to all this sweets, and joy is not the limit. Positive emotions are guaranteed. As pleasant memories. Don’t forget your camera!

10. Your birthday is in the summer? Excellent! You can arrange a beach party on the beach or the river. During the winter? Passeig will be a great replacement to the warm beach. Light snacks, refreshments and lively music will help promote relaxation and good mood of your guests. Add to the holiday fun disco and singing karaoke songs. You can also think of beach fun that the guests are not bored!

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