Annual city festival “what a wonderful world”

the annual city festival

“What a wonderful world”

The festival is held for development of creative potential of children, teachers and parents, promoting contemporary creative achievements of the best children’s and teachers of preschool educational institutions.

– creation of conditions for creative communication and identify talented children and their encouragement.


The children’s physical culture ” children’s creativity Center “Khibiny” Kirovsk”


The inmates of the MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution aged 4 to 7 years, creative groups of preschool institutions.

The dates of the festival:

Festival “what a wonderful world”, held from September 2013 to January 2014

The festival is held the following competitions:

September – distance competition of children’s drawing “Magic pen”.

The competition provided the drawings on the theme “I’m a little artist,” the image of nature and natural phenomena, animal world, the institution is no more than 6 works.

Fine technique is not limited.

FI’s name rabotin

October – vocal and instrumental contest “Seven notes” dedicated to

The international day of music. The competition will take place:

from October 1 to October 12 – round 1 ( qualifying round-based preschools)

18 October at 10.30 am – 2nd round (in the auditorium CDT “Khibiny”). The facility is 2 creative rooms. Performance time – 3 minutes

Creative room includes (your choice):

– song (solo or ensemble performance)

– instrumental piece (execution of works of a musical instrument or noise band)

November – city theme dance festival for kids “First steps”.

The celebration will be held:

15 November at 10.30 am in the auditorium CDT “Khibiny”. The festival is open to all comers, without a specific choreography. From preschool institutions of the city is formed by a group of children – direct participants of the festival, 8 people from the institution.

The content of the dance festival includes:

Master class “let’s dance” (participants of the festival are invited to perform a dance study, performing a movement choreographer-leading). The program of the festival will include dance styles such as: “Russian dance”; “modern dance”; “‘s dance”. All the participants are awarded with sweet prizes, institution of diploma active participant in the dance festival “First steps”.

December – distance competition of children’s creativity “new toy”.

The competition is open Christmas toys, Christmas songs, made on the basis of papier-mâché, paper, fabric and other materials.

FI’s name rabotin

In the “Subject” (Subject) of the email indicate “new toy”.

January – city contest “Our favorite kindergarten”. In the performance program includes an electronic presentation of no more than 15 slides, the topic of the presentation is determined by the institution, depending on activities and collaborative creative performance of pupils and teachers. The contest will be summing up the festival “what a wonderful world” award.

The local competition will be held on 24 January 2014 at 10.30 am in the auditorium CDT “Khibiny”.

Summarizing and rewarding

Institution participating in competitive events receives a certificate of participation. Solemn rewarding of winners and participants of the contest events of city festival “what a wonderful world” will be held at the close of the festival on January

On all questions of participation in the regional festival of children’s creativity “what a wonderful world”, contact us by phone 93960, teacher and organizer Voronov I. V.

Provisional application

to participate in annual festival

“What a wonderful world”

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