Boldino autumn will be held in Nizhny Novgorod

The cold days of late autumn, the festival program will give the audience warmly meetings with their favorite characters and performers and, of course, familiarity with new names.

On 14 November, the festival ’s Boldino fall” offers a great Opera by Mussorgsky on the tragedy by Alexander Pushkin “Boris Godunov”. The main part of Tsar Boris will be performed by the Laureate of International competitions Vladimir Taisai – soloist of the Perm Opera and ballet theatre, the owner of a unique bass. The role of the Impostor will present a well-known citizens and beloved by fans of the theatre, Honoured artist of Russia, soloist of the Bolshoi theatre of Russia Roman Muravitsky. To conduct the first performance of the festival will be the artistic Director of the Nizhny Novgorod Opera theatre artistic Director of the festival laureate of Nizhny Novgorod Renat Zhiganshin.

November 15, the festival – the premiere performance of the ballet K. Lambova on the works of M. Gorky “love Story”. Play – anthem loving woman. First impressions the audience accompanied by tears, smiles, applause and gratitude to the artists and producers Elena Lemeshev, Galina Nikiforova, Valentin Fedorov, Sergei Vaneeva, composer Kirill Lambova.

November 16, Opera of Tchaikovsky ’s Mazeppa” will continue the theme of Pushkin festival. The main role will be the soloist of the Moscow academic musical theatre of a name of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko people’s artist of Russia Evgeny N. A. Malevich – one of the best baritones of Russia. Conductor of the production – Roman Demidov.

On November 17 for the first time in the history of the festival in its programme will include invited talks by staff. The troupe Chuvash state Opera and ballet theatre will show the Nizhny Novgorod public ballet F. Vasiliev «Sharpie”. National epic, colorful costumes, original melodies, vivid choreography and exciting plot will give the audience an unforgettable evening. Choreographer – the Director of the production, Honoured artist of Russia and Chuvashia Elena Lemeshev. Conductor – honored artist of Chuvashia laureate of international competitions Olga Nesterova.

November 18, A. in ballet Adana “Giselle” will feature soloists of the Perm academic Opera and ballet theatre. P. I. Tchaikovsky International competitions Laureates Inna Bilash (Giselle) and Sergey Mershin (albert).

November 19 – Pushkin on Pushkin festival. Artists theatre company «Soloist Diva” from the Republic of Korea will participate in the concert at the Museum-reserve of A. S. Pushkin ’s Boldin”. And on the stage of the theatre will be hosting the famous Pushkin Opera performance of Tchaikovsky “Eugene Onegin”. Principal roles will be played by: Onegin – Winner of the International competition Dmitry darov (Mikhailovsky theatre St. Petersburg), Tatiana – Winner of national and International competitions Maria Litke (Mikhailovsky theatre St. Petersburg), Lensky – winner of the International competition, Honored artist of the Chuvash Republic Ivan Snigirev (Chuvashia state theatre of Opera and ballet). Conductor of the production – Sergey Vaneev.

On 20 November, the festival audience will see the famous ballet by Tchaikovsky “Swan lake”, without which it is impossible to imagine any major festival of Opera and ballet art. Conducts the ballet Roman Demidov.

Completed “Boldino fall” on November 21, the final concert of the festival guests, soloists of Nizhny Novgorod Opera and ballet theatre and actors theatre company «Soloist Diva” from the Republic of Korea.

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