Bright autumn festivals

September – is the perfect time for traveling around the world. Not only because the weather is still happy summer-warm days, but also because it is the first month of autumn is full of interesting activities. The most significant events of September today in our collection.

Let’s start our September walk with Belgium. This European country has become increasingly popular among our countrymen. And in the first weekend of September Brussels and not overrun by tourists. It is precisely at this time in the Central square of the city (which is called the Grand place) will be a Beer weekend. Belgium, by the way, is famous for its excellent beer no less than Germany or Czech Republic. 30 the best Breweries in the country will present their beer at more than affordable prices, including the world-famous Hoegaarden.Entrance to the festival is free.

Bright events of September

While the Russian students are on September festive mood had embraced the ruler in the Netherlands are several other events on September 1. This, for example, the festival “Water music” that begins on the first day of September. Chamber music concerts will be held right on the water. For this set scaffolding directly into barges, ships or pontoons. At the same time on the waterfront sounds of bells ringing in the performance of the best bell ringers of Holland. The Dutch love to visit this festival is also on the water, sailing on their own or rented boats, but shore will be a fantastic spectacle!

No less significant events of September held in Italy. Primarily, this Regatta in Venice. September 10 this luxurious city is hosting a regatta on the gondolas, and the celebration is styled as a Medieval and style of rowing exclusively medieval. It is a colorful event that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Italians love the middle Ages and its mysterious, charming spirit, so in the town of Montopoli in mid-September, there is a fascinating Medieval feast. Roam around the city dressed Gothic ladies who stand in the way of true knights. Minstrels entertain the townspeople with their art, and the archers compete in its accuracy. This movie in reality

A real Paradise for vegetarians cooks in September, Thailand. At the end of September-beginning of October in Phuket town Festival vegetarians. This celebration is not for the faint of heart. Beyond the purely vegetarian diet and colourful Buddhist ceremony you have to contemplate such religious rituals as self-flagellation, and other worldly torment of the flesh of the Buddhists (the piercing of the cheeks huge poles, walking on the blades and so on). In the temples of the city you can admire on the entry of volunteers into a trance, and all kinds of purification rituals, which again is not meant for the weak unstable psyche.

Hot Cyprus also waiting for tourists in September on its original Wine festival. It begins in the first week of September. Festival guests enjoy a free wine that can be drunk immediately, at the feast, but also to pour into bottles, which are also provided free of charge by the organizers. Pleasant tasting accompanied by folk songs, dances in barrels with grapes and gourmet delights.

Speaking about the events of September can not forget Oktoberfest, which is held in Germany. Despite the name, begins this is the most widespread and legalized Buster just at the end of September – in his last week – and lasts until the end of the first week of October. On the Theresienwiese meadow is broken “beer Paradise” – a lot of tents where you can sample the best beer in Germany. Interestingly, Oktoberfest originated in the early 19th century, when king Ludwig I married Teresa von Sachsenhausen (try to read without errors), and this Grand event was celebrated for 16 days in September-October. Pedantic Germans decided to make this a holiday tradition. And now, more than 6 million people from around the world attended this Grand event. During the 16 days of the festival, drink about 6 million liters of beer. Not to drink there ’ s bad form. Perhaps every Russian man is simply obliged to visit this bustling, total sausage-cabbage festival beer

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