Congratulations with the Professional holiday

happy birth, work!

Plumber, joiner you “only”,

Electrician, painter – you, work…

You are the master of your business,

And “super-Pro”, by the way!

Will not let set the record,

Your every day is harsh and difficult:

Poem greeting desktop comic

Heavy and difficult t ores working,

To fly for a couple of days, at least in Sochi!

And take a break from the exercise,

Soak up the sea, to eat the fruit!

Not everyone has to work so given,

And we congratulate heartily You meant!

We wish You to become the chief,

Congratulation worker short poems

May things go well for You,

Congratulations to the driver of the crane – woman – with the 35th anniversary of operation

35 years since then, as our dear hard worker – crane operator foundry , crossed the threshold of the factory entrance. The years of her working life has absorbed the best that was in the life: first love, growing up, the joy of family and maternal happiness, extraordinary magic to be his beloved grandmother. For the professionalism she has 6 bits, his work knows perfectly, and not only clear the work of his steel horse, but the production process is casting, since the model plot. To say that the work of the machinist of the bridge crane in the foundry is not easy, it means nothing to say: work in three shifts, in the summer heat and winter cold, cold to hot metal ladle so as not flinch its surface, quickly and accurately pour into forms. Not everyone will be able to do the job that our amazing hard worker. after all, far can be casters. And with all the congestion, and sometimes fatigue is cute kind and sympathetic person, the perfect hostess, homemade pies which like a work shop.

Congratulations to the heat-treater happy birthday

Today is the birthday of heat-treater plant 10. There is a common phrase: geniuses are not – they are born. It is fully possible to tell and about our birthday boy. The heat – treater- profession is unique: it is necessary to know not only all the details of the heat treatment, but also to understand the metal – how it will behave in your environment, what will be its density, strength and hardness, how much time will you need for quenching and so on It’s our birthday boy knows in perfection – a quiet man, always kind to people, trouble free operation, high-class specialist, earned a reputation in the team of workers.

Congratulation to the chief metrologist with the 70th anniversary

Congratulations employee of the technical Department on the Anniversary

On this day, dear ( ), we would like to emphasize the enormous contribution that was made by your Department and You personally, as its head, in the case of the indigenous reequipment and production of new types of modern products. We congratulate you on your Jubilee and wish you good health and prosperity.

Congratulations woman-the wizard of the production hall on the 55th anniversary

Today the master of the shop anniversary birthday. This is a wonderful worker, experienced, knowledgeable and cares for production. The shop staff congratulates the birthday girl a happy birthday and wishes her worldly goods.

After she worked at moved to our city, working in our factory in the shop, engineer-technologist. In 25 years as an engineer proved to be a knowledgeable and skilled professional, calm and balanced person. Trying to solve all questions, conflict-free, quickly, thanks to the experience – optimally and correctly in every situation.

During the work has helped many interns, future engineers to gain experience, learn the secrets of engineering. Patiently, clearly and sensitively helped to theory add the details of execution of works in practice. For conscientious work was repeatedly encouraged with awards. In the team deserved respect.

In family life, our hero of the day too, everything is fine: a loving and caring husband, now grown son and daughter and gave a wonderful gift – grandchildren. While chatting with her grandchildren, she just glows with happiness, with joy in his role of the grandmother. In his spare time likes to read books, happy to work in the country.

The shop staff wishes a happy anniversary and wishes her happiness, light, health, heat.

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