Crazy day In the entire Beethoven sounded for all

The French city of Nantes is known around the world: at the end of January every year, the music festival “Crazy day” Its name recalls the comedies of Beaumarchais. Over 11 years of “Crazy day” was a five-day, but continues to be insane. The crazy thing is that in the huge conference Center that classical music sounds powerful and continuous flow: from 10 a.m. to midnight, seven halls simultaneously listen to 7 thousand people!

A 5-day festival was held here 235 concerts with the participation of 1,800 musicians: they performed 200 works, heard 111 thousand people. And it’s not audiophiles, and the common people. City hall highlights the festival’s largest grant (one third of the budget -3 million Euro), so concert tickets cheap. People come to listen to music families and at once all day. And in the morning the halls fill with students at discounted tickets. So in Nantes introduce children to classical music, and so the case here embody the slogan of the Russian Bolsheviks “Art belongs to people”.

“Crazy day” helps Nantes to become a city of music connoisseurs. Renee Martin, founder and leader of the folk festival, very successfully implements with the active support of the mayor’s strategy of introducing the public to the classics. Suffice it to say that a quarter of the audience of the festival -young people (16 – 25 years), for the first time in my life heard serious music. In addition to “Crazy day” by R. Martin has created a Piano festival in Rock d Interone and Svyatoslav Richter Festival in Grange de Shoals. Given the exceptional activity R. Martin in the popularization of classical music in France, he was awarded the national order “For merit”

“Crazy day” every year is dedicated to the works of one or more composers. At this year’s festival was the music of Beethoven and some writings of his friends, in particular, Weber, Hummel, Pleyel, Cherubini, Clementi, Salieri. The festival programme includes all the major works of Beethoven – symphonies, concertos, masses, oratorio, quartets, trios, sonatas, and popular overtures, cantatas, songs and chamber pieces. Such an abundance of music Beethoven was at the same festival in the world, even in the hometown of the composer’s music connoisseurs Bonn.

A rich and varied programme played 13 orchestras, choirs 7, 24 chamber ensemble, and numerous soloists. Among them were Russian musicians who perform here every year. Particularly popular at the festival was the famous Moscow pianist Nikolai Lugansky. He arrived in Nantes for the fourth time and gave two solo concerts: sounded Sonata No. 14 (“moonlight”) and # 23 (“Appassionata”), and then N 7 17

Brilliant Boris Berezovsky played 33 variations on a waltz theme of Diabelli, and with the orchestra of the “Warsaw Symphony” – piano concertos No. 1 and 2 Beethoven, with Brigitte Engerer – Ninth Symphony arranged Sheet for two pianos, with Henry Demarcation ( he replaced the ill Alexander Knyazev) – Sonata for cello and piano N 3 and 5. Dmitri Makhtin and B. Berezovsky twice performed sonatas for violin and piano No. 5 and 7, with G. Demarcation – trio N 7 with the orchestra “Warsaw Symphony” (conductor Peter Csaba) – Beethoven’s triple Concerto.

Great impression on the audience made the young pianist Alexander Melnikov, speaking twice in a duet, then a trio. He first arrived in Nantes and was immediately awarded a high honor to conclude the festival. Together with the choir “Accentus” and orchestra “Concerto Koln” (conductor David stern) A. Melnikov played the piano “Fantasy” Beethoven’s so interesting that the finale had to chant for an encore. By tradition, the last concert in the Great hall with 2000 seats was broadcast all over Europe, the Franco-German channel “ARTE” and the national radio “France Musique”

A Grand program of “Mad day” which included the works of both popular and unknown, after Nantes will be presented in Bilbao (March 4-6), Lisbon (22 – 24 April) and Tokyo (29 April -1 may). In the capital of Japan “Crazy day” must collect 300 thousand listeners that will surely get to the Guinness Book of records. But for Rene Martin and his festival is important, not the record, and the happiness that gives people classical music.

The next “Crazy day” in Nantes will be devoted to Handel and Purcell – music folk songs of the English Baroque.

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