Died down the next revolution! The biggest event for professionals event market happens twice a year, but we all have time to get bored! The event is always bright, and this time we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of “WORLD EVENT REVOLUTION”.

As you know, then you need to have time to participate in competitions, workshops, interactive activities, carefully consider the General gallery and official sponsors, contractors and partners. One could, of course, one time to get the whole club ICON and sit in a cozy room, while enjoying a live directory of artists, but the format of the event is such that everywhere at the same time there was something interesting.

This time on “WORLD EVENT REVOLUTION” has gathered more than 60 players in the events industry. Their offers and services are the most popular in the upcoming season. Immediately apologize, all not to mention I can.

Not only people

Each year the event involved more and more robots. They become more interesting, charming and appealing. Of course, with the advent of the press wall is always a long line of people willing to be photographed. Honestly, can hardly persuade myself that it’s just a costume.

In the rhythm of joy

Past drum training «Atmosphere» go nobody can. Even if you didn’t have a percussion instrument, energy lucky enough to experience the inexplicable joy, even if you’re standing next to as a spectator.

This Great totem opens Ancient Knowledge… I Doubt it? We suggest learning the circuit Assembly! Can only imagine how interesting quest «Command-Tribe» came up with a group of professionals from «Atmosphere».

Flights reality

The attraction of extreme experiences Motion Event requires some preparation. Emotional. Everyone honestly warned that the effect of the presence is so palpable that some part of the brain must still control their behaviour. I’ve seen people with glasses Oculus Rift held hands and back to help keep a balance during fast «movement», «flights» «downs». Amazingly realistic, people screaming with fear and delight.

It’s just a sweet table

Fantasy decorators from confectionery «Wheel of time» impressed all present black-and-white chic. I could hardly wait to photograph this beauty without posing on her background of eventors. Insanely beautiful!

A live directory of performers, Raffles and gifts

I would love to be told about each artist, but in this case, reading the article will take you a couple of hours. Just believe me, it was fun and useful!

Science primarily

«Tehnomanija» always understood a holiday in their own way, using technical innovations for entertaining guests at corporate and private parties.


Workshops were conducted by our favorite and reliable «the Thirst for creativity» «Master Podelki».

Many gifts under the leadership of these creative people I’ve done, but the wooden magnets-hearts I painted for the first time.

The force of the wind

Past tornado with white Styrofoam balls it was impossible to pass. Unexpectedly impressive! It’s just an art installation, and photo area, and the location of the ballerina with a flying blade. Great! Invented it in PranaLab.

She’s alive!

Living sculptures always surprise, but that girl — generally stunning image. Beautiful and mysterious sculpture was represented by the same team PranaLab.

Beauty — a terrible force

Master Peggy Sue, as usual, did not deny the fair sex in the desire quickly to be beautiful during the event. The skill they showed on stage with trick «Laying blindfolded».

Holmes. Sherlock Holmes!

Honestly, these photos idea of the quests from the company’s Night-Street is difficult to make. I often read out their proposals for the games at private and corporate events, it is a great pleasure! Customers are always satisfied, the most vivid emotions.

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