Fall festival

We’ll talk about non-standard products-such as pizza. Pizza festival « Pizzafest ” is traditionally held in Naples, this year fans of Italian food will gather at the exhibition center d’oltremare September 8 to watch match of the best of pizzaiolo world, and, most importantly, taste as many pizzas as you want. The process of eating is accompanied by competitions and concerts.

If the pride of Italians — pizza, in Bavaria — this beer. Oktoberfest begins in September and ends in October. This year, beer lovers and the races will begin to celebrate on September 17. By tradition, the opening day of the festival, exactly at 12: 00, the mayor opens a barrel of beer. This symbolic action start “beer marathon”. Then begins the parade, which is led by a girl with a large bell, riding on a decorated horse.

For all days of the festival Munich immersed in beer, the participants consumed up to 7 million liters of the drink annually. Beer to drink while sitting at a long table under a huge tent. And costumed parades, processions shooters, racing, and concerts follow each other all 16 days. Don’t forget about the here and children. For them — ice cream and carousels.

A little deviate from edible theme and move on to the festivals dedicated to the gifts of nature — the colors and the hemp, by the way, both held in Holland.

The annual parade of flowers in the Dutch town of Aalsmeer will be held on 3 September. The flower parade — this procession of decorated boats and cars, accompanied by music bands, jazz bands, costumed performances and dances. The entire city is decorated with tulips and garlands of flowers.

The parade starts early, at 8 a.m., as the procession need to have time to reach a historic Dam square in Central Amsterdam. Upon arrival immediately begins the concert.

International festival of hemp ’ s cannabis Cup ” will take place this year on 20 November, also in Amsterdam. The festival is dedicated to the autumn collection of marijuana every year organizes the American magazine “High Times”. The festival is a showcase of the latest advances in the field residentialsale.

The judges will decide the best product by endless tastings. Prizes are distributed in categories: best coffee shop, best hash, best product of the processing of hemp (hemp beer), the best Bush grown in the greenhouse, and the best grade of marijuana.

Those who are eager circuses will be interesting festival of lights and fireworks. 8 October in Seoul will gather pyrotechnics from around the world to demonstrate it is just spectacular fireworks, but recent developments in pyrotechnic technology and firework art.

Fire predstavlenie pass the music on the river in a Park on the island of Ejido for three hours.

12 October in Berlin will begin the Festival of light . In these nights for two weeks historical and architectural landmarks of the city will become objects of light installations.

These days in Berlin erupt in the evenings, millions of colored lights on buildings and monuments. Even cyclists strive to beautify your two-wheeled friend garlands. To explore the city on a special bus, boat or hot air balloon.

September 10 will be held in Rome the festival with a very familiar name ” ” White night “. It is a kind of “night of museums”, during which many of the city’s attractions are open for free visits from dusk until dawn. In addition to the museums in this night work all theatres, cinemas and cafes. On the streets of the passers-by waiting for the entertainment and music events.

From 7 to 19 October 2011 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) will host the international guitar festival . The main participants of the music marathon will be musicians from Latin America, but there are also Europeans.

We’ll end our review of sports festivals. The newest and most fashionable — kite Festival in Spain . will be held on November 13, one of the Canary Islands. The holiday lasts for two days — on Friday a free program on Saturday — serious competition masters.

Kitesurfing, the truth in Vietnam.

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