Festival “Amur autumn” seeded cranes winners


Solemn and at the same time quite informal, sincerely and warmly in Blagoveshchensk ended the 12-th Russian film festival and theatre «the Amur autumn”.

The ceremony was hosted by the President of the festival, the Secretary of the Union of cinematographers of Russia Sergey Novozhilov and General producer of the festival, the actor and Director Anton Kaluzhny.

The awards, held with the zest and enthusiasm, alternated vocal numbers. Appeared on the stage and sang one of her favorite songs of the people’s artist of Russia Lyudmil shading, in which the festival was not involved, but, being on tour in Blagoveshchensk on his solo concert, he decided to greet his guests and participants.

Right during the ceremony in the hall and on the scene was filmed one of the episodes of the future film festival about “the Amur autumn” and once-popular actor who thanks to the festival has found a second youth and believe in their strength and capabilities.

Among the eight non repertory performances, the jury chose Comedy-vaudeville Roman Samgin “Forty majeure”, and in the nomination “Best film” of the 14 paintings of the main crane went to the movie “Two women” by Vera Glagoleva. This Grand Prix named after Valeriy Priemyhova. In the same film for the operator Ginza Berzins acknowledged the most perfect.

At the closing ceremony of the festival was awarded not only the gold cranes, but also precious dragons. People’s artist of Russia Tatiana Dogileva sponsors donated a Golden pendant in the shape of a dragon, studded with diamonds and brilliants. Expensive gift actress was awarded Director of the jewelry company “Diamond” Tatyana Zhuk. She thanked the guest star for her work and wished her new roles, scripts, and invited the next year to come again in Blagoveshchensk.

— I’m not a festival person, rarely participate in such activities — admitted from the stage folk artist. — But I do not regret for coming. Thanks to the organizers for this wonderful week that I spent in the wonderful company of members of cynosure. Thank you to the residents of Blagoveshchensk: they’re so good, so touching! Of course I’ll come to you again! — with a smile said the actress.

Now about the other awards and prizes of the festival.

In the competition enterprising performances they were distributed as follows :

The prize for best supporting actor — Alexander Vinogradov “Blaise”.

Special jury prize — Anzhelika Nevolina “For deep penetration into the” performance “Charmed death”.

The award for best actress — Sergey Ladygin “Force majeure”.

The award for best actor — Elizabeth Arzamasova “Blaise”.

The prize for best Director – Sergey Aldonin “Blaise”.

In the contest the results are:

The award for best actress – Hope Lunova “one year”.

The award for best actor – Egor Koreshkov «Brothers H”.

The prize for best cinematography – Gints Berzins “Two Women”.

The prize for best script – Elena Gremina «Brothers H”.

But first the audience did not appreciate historical fiction! Students were screaming, running around the room, and then heard the desperate cries of teachers: “Cease to do!”, “Calm down!”. Frustrated moviegoers left the room. But this incident once again shows that the younger generation it must be painstakingly and consistently cultivate a taste for real art. What, in fact, engaged in the 12th year, the organizers of this amazing and unparalleled generosity of the festival of cinema and theatre.

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