Festival “colours of autumn”

5 September in the Botanical garden of Moscow state University ’s Apothecary garden” will open the annual festival ’s colors of autumn”. Thousands of asters, dahlias, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, ornamental cabbages and other “autumn” plants will illuminate the whole garden is very diverse and certainly vibrant hues. For the first time in the history of the festival, the garden will host a holiday show ’s World! Work! The harvest!”, showing the fruits of labor of employees of the garden — the fruit in the literal sense of the word.

On 5 September, the opening day, from 10 am to 21 PM guests “the Apothecary garden” waiting for a lot of surprises, including Art weekend from the gallery ’s Neskuchny garden”, presentation of fruit and floral-Botanical fragrances from Demeter Fragrance Library and fragrant lottery.

Within the Art of weekend visitors will meet the artists, photographers, florists, masters of decorative and applied arts, who will present their work and conduct workshops for children and adults. Outdoors in alleys “the Apothecary garden”, in the course of the day will be live music and be dominated by an atmosphere of free communication. Guests will be able to learn something new and just have a good time. Will be beautiful, fun, musically interesting!

Holiday show ’s World! Work! The harvest!”

Specially for the exhibition in the garden grown pumpkins, zucchini and squash more than 50 varieties of native and foreign selection. Will be shown as a miniature decorative pumpkins exotic shapes and colors, and pumpkin-giants weighing up to 30 kg!

With the Botanical garden of Moscow state University on Sparrow hills to the exhibition will come dozens of varieties of apples, pears, plums, table grapes Rowan and other tasty products from experienced fruit garden. Among them are old and well known, some rare and half-forgotten Russian varieties, as well as the famous Michurinsky hybrids and varieties of world selection. Some of the most interesting results at the exhibition it will be possible to taste.

In addition, the exhibition will present a variety of unusual varieties of vegetables and cereals from Moscow experienced and seed farms, and harvested medicinal and aromatic plants grown in the all-Russian Institute of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Autumn flowers

From the beginning of September the shores of Mirror channel will decorate flower necklace from dozens of varieties of chrysanthemums — from simple, but no less endearing, to the most noble and refined, often in the literal sense of the word — with thin filiform petals that seemingly can break in the rain. Also bloom asters, heathers, hydrangeas and ornamental cabbage.

From mid September the garden catching the last bright colors — hundreds of species of trees and shrubs will acquire a variety of autumn colour before the leaves fall off. Turns alight colored far Eastern maple, lemon yellow Amur velvet, orange chestnut, Burgundy wild roses and rhododendrons, red-brown oak, pink Euonymus, purple smoke tree and parthenocissus — all in play from orange to purple. Cream-yellow and transparent will become Linden in the old alleys. Only lilac holding on to the last, more precisely, before the first frost, and shed their leaves green.

Peak «Golden autumn” usually occur in the first half of October, and this is perhaps the most beautiful time of year in the garden.

But not all plants in the “the Apothecary garden” obey the inexorable one-year cycle. In greenhouses “the Apothecary garden” is possible in any weather to enjoy the many blooming orchids, carnivorous plants, countless palm trees, huge tropical vines and is one of the finest collections of desert plants — hundreds of species of cacti, euphorbias, South African “living stones” (itopsow), agaves, aloe, and other amazing plants that most visitors hardly ever seen in his life.

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