festival “Dolgoprudniy autumn”

“For the eighth time passed in Dolgoprudny one of the largest in the Moscow theater festivals – “Dolgoprudniy autumn”. The best teams from around the suburbs. and not only presented their performances on stage Dolgoprudniy theatre “City” “, – stated in the message.

It notes that at this time within seven working days of the festival, from October 31 to November 7, the jury viewed 18 productions – the largest number in the history of “Dolgoprudniy autumn”.

An important point that attracts participants, is really a professional jury. This year the fate of Olga decided Senatorov, Leila tastanova, Galina Stepanova and Lev Titov, all – famous Russian theatre critics, and familiar with the theatre, explained in the material.

According to the press service, the results of the “Dolgoprudniy autumn 2014” are as follows. Virtually every award there were a few contenders. The performance Dmitrov drama theatre “the Big nest” won the festival Grand Prix – Fools (“Fools”) on the play by Neil Simon. The troupe presented at the festival bright and concise statement. In the work of artistic Director of the theatre, directed by Dmitry Yumashev, deservedly awarded the highest award of the festival, combines impeccable set design, ideally designed costumes and subtle intellectual idea that permeates every action.

Another statement, claiming to be the best, – “the Canterville Ghost” of the Moscow regional state puppet theatre. Director Alexei Smirnov brought poetic play in which the game live actors combined with roles, performed by puppets. In the end, specially for “the Canterville Ghost” was established by a special jury prize for scenography, acting ensemble and best Director. He received the prize for best show for children, is added to the material.

The best performance for adults became Dolgoprudniy production of “Aesop” – before she went on stage at “the City” and has now been restored, specified in the message.

The prize for best actor went to Timothy Lena – actor at the Royal dramatic theatre, who played the role of Dr. Polyakova in the production of “Morphine”, the role of performer Anna Kirillovna Catherine Cricova won the prize for best actress in a supporting role. Best male role of the second plan was recognized as the Goat Archimedes, played by Demyanov Cyril in the play Pushkin municipal musical theater “Dobrynya Nikitich and Tugarin of Snakes” and actress “City” Christina Trofimovich also received the award for best supporting actress – miss cook in a production of “Nameless star”, added the press service.

According to the press service, Moscow performances from the non-competitive program – “my Happiness” theatre “Little theatre group”, Perpetum Mobile theater center “Amphitryon” and “How’s a guy supposed happiness was” presented production company “Teorico” – were awarded diplomas of I, II and III levels.

The festival showed that the region has many theaters with a well-prepared companies, professional Directors and interesting performances, is the message.

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