Festival of Monkeys in Thailand

Every year the Thai city of Lopburi opens its doors to millions of tourists from around the world. On the last Sunday of November, here is a festival with many invited guests and set tables for. monkeys!

This year the “buffet” for monkey organized on November 28. On this day in the city will not prevail etiquette and upbringing, and permissiveness and self-indulgence. The heroes of the day have no clue about the rules of good manners: they don’t wash their hands before eating, grab all that you have, do not use Cutlery, fight for the championship, littering and even being a bully with the audience. No wonder this festival has become one of the most unusual festivals in the world.

How is the holiday? In the center of the temple of Phra Prang Sam Yot put a massive 7-foot plate with rice, fruits and vegetables weighing about 2 tons.

Previously for monkeys tables were laid, but recently decided not to do it, because then they are aggressive towards each other, “reserving” table only for his person.

All this food is for our little brothers. Thais genuinely believe that a donation of food to the monkeys will bring happiness.

The festival is accompanied by a parade and performances of Thai dance groups.

After human festivities begins festivities animal.

And when the “work up” all that the real mess 🙂

Where takes roots festival monkeys? According to the legend, Lord Rama gave the land of modern Lopburi, the Monkey King, so that they together have prevailed over their enemies. So far, all 600 monkeys of Lopburi feel like winners, and therefore behave accordingly.

For tourists macaques are another form of entertainment, but for locals – this is a real attack. Every day they cause city immense damage: spoil public property, break TV antenna homeowners, gnaw through electrical cables, they are the thieves of different sweets and fruits from traders. Many residents even have to resort to “scare the weapons” – twigs, small stones and even shoes. The only way at the moment to get rid of annoying guests.

Monkeys are not afraid of even barbed wire

But, despite all of the delivered inconveniences, the locals are very grateful to their four-legged friends for the popularity of Lopburi. They glorified a small inconspicuous town in the whole world and become part of the culture of Thailand.

Monkey chants every corner of the city :

If you decide to join the monkey buffet, it should be remembered that still monkeys – these are wild animals. It is recommended always love your stuff (especially valuable), because monkeys are very prone to unconscious theft. They aim to steal a purse, snatch the purse, to have fun with your jewelry or to take some pictures with your camera. And don’t think for this mess are the people. Just monkeys by nature very curious creatures 🙂

How to reach lop Buri? Lop Buri is a 3-hour train ride to the North-East of Bangkok, 150 km from the Entrance to the festival costs 30 baht. For that money you get not only a ticket, but the stick as a shield from the curious monkeys.

Shortly before the Festival of the Apes is a Festival of Elephants in Thailand . One stone can kill two birds with one stone, and with one visit you can visit two of the festival!

Now let’s take a break from prose and see interesting photo.

I’m in the food chain

The guy is sooooo witty!

Many monkeys can’t come to a consensus: what is better – Coca-Cola or Pepsi.

And some have classes bigger carbonated beverages.

To overeat – the figure to suffer!

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