Festivals in Samara

Each summer in Samara and Samara region hosts many music festivals. In recent years, some of them, including the very popular (still mourn “rock over the Volga” combined with Grushin, and then completely eliminated the “Platform”), went into oblivion, but something still remained. publishes the schedule Samara festivals in 2015: time, place and price.

May 16 – Maxi Rock in 2015 .Free rock outdoor festival dedicated to the 23rd birthday of radio «Samara-Max”, will take Samara musicians Stationmaster, Mr.Postman, Brand. Money. Chicks. Lewis Carroll, Alla Kostina, Tatiana’s Day, Small N, Branky, Loud Street Girls, cover band the Revolution, Sun Express, Chicago Band, Iron Bees, Free Wheels. Speccast: Blonde Xue. Venue: the embankment of the Volga, the Rook. Beginning at 14:30. Admission is free.

29-31 may – Car Fest 2015 . Car festival: race, OpenAir with laser show, DJs and artists on three dance floors, exhibition of cars, competition car audio, extreme park, paintball, rides, etc. Location: the airport in Smyshlyayevka. Entrance is 700 rubles More: Car Fest 2015

June 13 – journey to the past. VI international historic festival. Program: the ancient martial art, crafts, workshops, historical costumes, etc. Location: the historic center of modeling “old world” (Krasnoarmeysky district, S. Stone Ford). Admission is free. Read more: festival ’s journey into the past”

26-28 June – Drums of the world. Ethnic festival, many guest musicians from different countries of the world, master classes. Location: recreation center “Transporter” (Fedorovsky meadows). Entrance is 500 rubles in advance, 700 rubles on the day of the start of the festival. More info: Drums of the world 2015

July 2-5 – Russian festival of art song.In.Grushina. Traditional festival, this year marking the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, it will gather many artists from all over the country, the list of which has not been announced yet. A distinctive feature of the festival this year – a significant reduction in the number of scenes in the meadow. Place: Mastrokosta lake. Admission is free. Read more: Grushinsky festival 2015

July 9-12 – Ges Fest 2015. International festival of electronic music and extreme sports. Electronic music of various genres from participants from different countries (the list of artists will be announced later), all kinds of extreme sports and entertainment. Place: Mastrokosta lake. Entrance fee: 500 rubles in advance, as we approach the festival tickets will go up. Read more: HPP FEST 2015 – program

July 24-26 – Duct of 2015 . In the program: world music, vegetarian cuisine, martial arts, meditation, yoga and dance, spiritual practices, fair with handmade, etc. workshops and more. Place: Mastrokosta lake. Entrance fee: up to 1500 rubles. Read More: The 2015

31 July and 1 August – Otafest 2015. Music festival “living”. Arrive: Billy”s Band (St. Petersburg), the team from Ekaterinburg “Both of two”, KIRA LAO (Moscow), Fadul Greedy, the project VLNY, Little Magic Shop, Empathy, comedoz, Tomato Catch Up. Polly Wants, Avignon Quintet, The Middle Volga Social Club, etc. On site will house a lecture hall, children’s and educational site with master classes, a game room with Board games. Place: Mastrokosta lake. Entrance is 300 rubles. Read More: Otafest 2015

7-9 August – Witches Sabbath 2015 . Electronic music festival. Musicians: C3B(England, Brighton), E-coli (England, Bristol), Zutsuu=Teknoaidi (Finland), ShApito SouNd SysTem, Pozer (Belarus, Minsk), PZ/DC Sound System (Moscow), Doc (Moscow), Mature (ext K+h) (Moscow), Room23 (Moscow), etc. admission is free. Location: Samara region, the exact site is not yet known. Read More: Witches Sabbath 2015

14-16 August – Metrocrest in honor of the 15th anniversary of the club Coyotes. The festival will feature the team’s “the Emperor”, “NEHLIG”, Sunstroke, Shades Of Light, HolidayS, etc. Place: Mastrokosta lake (railway platform. Grushin, 135 km). Ticket: 300-500 rubles (motorists and pedestrians are more expensive, motorcyclists and their passengers is cheaper).

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