Food festivals

Italian town of San Miniato is often called the “city of the white truffle”. Every year in November there is the traditional feast dedicated to these wonderful mushrooms, – the festival of the white truffle. It runs on Saturdays and Sundays throughout November. In San Miniato, the annual festival is prepared with the utmost care: organize numerous tastings and master-classes where they explain how to choose and prepare truffles and arrange truffle auction in which anyone can become the owner of your favorite mushroom, giving a solid amount. And maybe himself “hunt” for truffles under the guidance of experienced «triphala” (truffle hunter).

Oktoberfest or as Bayern themselves familiarly called him Wiesn, was first held on 12 October 1810 on the occasion of the wedding of crown Prince Ludwig. On the day of the wedding were invited to all the inhabitants of the city, which were built celebrations with free beer and horse races. The holiday was a success and Ludwig ordered to celebrate Oktoberfest every year.

However, the charity event did not last long, the celebration was transferred to the city government of Munich, and they quickly turned free beer paid for, and the holiday has become a commercial event, and then to this was the inclusion and fair. Since 1810 the annual tradition of the festival was interrupted only during world wars. After the Second world war, the beer festival opened in 1950 on the orders of the then mayor of Munich Thomas Wimmer. Since then it is held annually.

Opening the festival is at 12 o’clock, the mayor uncorks a barrel of beer – it gives the start of “beer marathon”. Then begins the parade of painted carriages and carts of beer from all parts of Germany, together with them marching arrows, entertainers, brass bands and other dressed up. This procession has got the title of the most beautiful and best organized in the world. Motion passes on the same route and is 6 km away. the Beer is sold ONLY in specially constructed tents. Main, “large”, tents can accommodate up to 10,000 visitors. Each year of such tents exactly 14. Almost all people tents are located all together at long tables.

Each tent is unique in its own way. For example, in the Augustiner brewery (Augustiner-Festhalle), designed for 10,000 people, serves beer from wooden barrels brewed by monks. In Schottenhamel (6000 seats) often go unchecked and wild students. Next to the old city of beer — beer archers crossbowmen (Armbrustschutzenzelt) — shooting with 14 stands for the crossbow. And Winzerer Fahndl can come and children — it’s quiet, calm, family atmosphere.

The waitresses serving the guests, showing remarkable endurance, dragging screaming “vorsicht!” as many as 9(!) these mugs at a time! But beer at Oktoberfest drinking liter mug, called the “masses”.

Children also will be entertainment and refreshments, there is a carousel, sold ice cream and other sweets. Children ride on the children’s railway, ride in carts pulled by horses, they arranged a special presentation. At every corner selling glowing horns, hearts, hats with flashing lights.

During the festival in Munich attracts about 7 million tourists. For all this beer festival “Oktoberfest” was listed in the Guinness Book of records as the world’s largest celebration.

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