French carousel

Autumn Blues was inevitable, but fixable. At the festival Seasons autumn sparkle the brightest, and most importantly warm colors. This year it will be held at a new venue, in Gorky Park. Will spread around the festival site Pionersky pond. The leitmotif of the festival will be the city. Guests of the festival a giant map of the capital, which you can apply to their hearts. And everyone will be able to lie in this haystack, which traditionally appears at the festival.

Autumn is the time for romantic confessions. At the festival you can not only to confess his love, but to receive a nice gift. Recognition should be left in the postcard-letter, which will serve as the entrance ticket for French carousel.

Fine, but nevertheless rainy and windy season don’t forget about the beauty. One of the tents to the visitors offers beauty news! There will be fashionable braid braids, do the original tattoo and body painting. Young fashionistas waiting for cotton candy air.

For fans of active rest at the celebration provides “the Playground of athletes”. Here you can return to your childhood and remember the mischievous backyard games, to visit again in gym class. Fizkulturno consists of gymnastic sketches – for those who want not only to warm up, but also to laugh heartily, the battle in pioneerball – a favorite and simple team game, mini-tournament in ping pong and badminton and skittles.

The creative mind will be an art performance, they will be cut out of cardboard known buildings: the Pashkov House, the Kremlin, the Skyscraper, which then set sail on Golitsyn’s ponds. Dozens of glowing buildings will float on water.

And here you can exchange books, to ride a bike and sail on the boat, taking on Board delicious sandwiches and hot tea.

Antique lovers will find a mini flea market. On-site Seasons Retro will be presented Christmas toys, gramophones, vintage clothing. Here close to the stretched design market with modern and beautiful shops.

Do not forget the organizers of the festival about music. On Saturday came on the scene Alexey Kortnev and the group “Accident”, and on Sunday to delight guests will be the VIA the “Tatiana”. The stage will feature Golden hits of Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko, Peter Leshchenko and Anna Herman.

Every day there will be held master-classes in Foxtrot, the Charleston, letke-Enke can waltz, Boogie-woogie. So call a moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, so they will certainly give you a head start in the performance of these dances.

«Museum of cinema” will be satisfied with showing a beautiful but forgotten film directed by Mikhail Kalik “Love”.

And here is for the food at the festival is responsible “Globus gourmet”. It is not only with recipes from mothers and grandmothers traditional – honey, Chuck Chucky, echpochmak and pies and French cheeses, foie Gras, Spanish cured ham, Belgian chocolate, cassava from South Africa. All this delicacy can be eaten at the festival, and you can buy any products and take home. For the meal there will be a special place – a hundred-meter table under the trees overlooking the pond.

Children will experience a special program is lectures and culinary master-classes under the motto “Learn more about food!”, which will tell you how you can distinguish good products from bad, to learn how to choose and cook.

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