Golden autumn Slavutich

the founders of the festival . Slavutich city Council; NAEC “the beginning” the Ministry of energy of Ukraine; SSE Chernobilsky NPP; Kyiv regional state administration; Ministry of family and youth of Ukraine; the Ministry of culture and art of Ukraine; State Committee of youth policy, sports and tourism of Ukraine.

Since 1996, “the Slavutich Golden autumn” takes place in the framework of the National programme “Children of Ukraine”. The project is supported by creative and media agencies “UN-PRESS”.

Participating countries: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, France.

Participants of the festival: young journalists, cameramen, editors and reporters of children’s Newspapers and radio programs, as well as members of creative teams.

Tradition was the release of the festival newspaper “Lavesta”, holding a newspaper and photo exhibitions, teleconference “the Slavutich – Richland,” production of radio and television journals of the festival.

Media: leading periodicals of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus.

Festival events:

1994 year — the first time the youth of the press visited the Chernobyl nuclear power plant; concert show – groups “on”.

1995 year — the 12 – hour telethon children’s programs; “Star of the show” Ukrainian pop (Petrenenko, T. Povaliy, I. Bilyk, A. Ponomaryov, concert LA Toi Jackson).

1996 year — a record representation of children’s Newspapers, staged at the city stadium’s Opera-oratorio by Igor Stravinsky “Oedipus Rex” with the participation of 400 Slavutich students.

1997 year — first held a radio contest, DJ contest, teleconference Slavutich – Richland,” in the opening the festival was attended by 2300 Slavutich students.

1998 year — the festival was held under the auspices of UNICEF, met the participants of the festival with the President of the National programme “Children of Ukraine” – the wife of the President of Ukraine Lyudmila Kuchma, first held a photo competition for young journalists.

1999 year — for the first time at the festival of the satellite cities of NPPs of Ukraine Enerhodar, nepolokivtsi, Kuznetsovsk, Slavutich; first, a Large children’s jury.

2000 year — the festival held “the Manifesto 2000 for a culture of peace and nonviolence” created by the children in Parliament Slavutich, a competition “by Young singers,” city competition “graffiti”.

2001 year — the festival of the presentation KPI Slavutych, National University. Shevchenko, the Youth center in Slavutych, of unveiling the bust of Taras Shevchenko monument, the opening of the new building of the city Executive Committee and the Hall’s special events.

2002 year participated NAEK “the beginning”; satellite cities of NPPs of Ukraine; all-Ukrainian environmental League; national Union of journalists of the Kiev region; members of the city Council city of Komsomolsk; nationwide children’s Parliament; Youth city Council Slavutych; Youth creative Association “on Seredova being” Kiev.

2005 year – XII international festival of children’s creativity, TV and press the “Golden autumn Slavutych” passed unchanged under the motto “I Want to see the world happy ” is not the first time Slavutich welcomed guests from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, satellite cities of NPPs. Yuzhnoukrainsk, Netishyn, Energodar.

Carnival, color fraternization “Give me your hand”, edition of the festival newspaper “Lavesta”, television journals, exhibitions and presentations, gala concert with participation of pop stars – and that’s not the whole list of activities.

Unchanged remains the aim of the festival is to support talented children in different genres of art and journalism, the promotion of friendly and creative contacts, exchange of experience, in order to make the world a better, kinder, happier.

The next festival will be held in September 2006, held under the slogan “Ukraine is in me”

The organizers of the festival – Slavutich city Council, NAEC “the company” OP “Atomremontservis” GSP “Chernobyl”

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