Holidays of Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Grand-Duche de Luxembourg) is located in North-West Europe between Belgium, Germany and France. Translated from the old German Luxembourg means “small castle”. The system of government is a constitutional monarchy. The head of state is the Grand Duke. The capital city of Luxembourg.

The area of Luxembourg is 2586 square kilometers . Forested Ardennes mountains stretch across the Northern region of the country, and the river Sauer and Moselle river forming its Eastern border. South of Luxembourg is a land of green pastures and fat of the land.

The Flag Of The Grand Duchy Of Luxembourg

On the map of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a tiny triangle and is usually denoted by the number, the size of the country don’t allow them to fit on the map ten letters of its name.

With the modest size of the Duchy is considered one of the most successful financial States of the European Union . and the standard of living and well-being such that the larger European States are looking at Monaco with envy.

Luxembourg calendar full of various celebrations and festivals . The most fun of the traditional holidays of Luxembourg – Amesen (held Monday at Easter), followed by fairs and exhibitions-sales of traditional Handicrafts items at the Fish market in the capital.

The statue of a man with a tambourine, Luxembourg In February, the capital of the Duchy shakes the festival Burgsonndeg. Colorful Carnival is celebrated in Luxembourg the week before the beginning of Lent. Carnival Sunday, Monday and Tuesday peak of the Luxembourg Carnival season, known as Fuesent. Carnival Monday is a day off. Masquerade balls adorn many places of Luxembourg.

For children are held separate carnivals Kannerfuesbals. Costumes for children and adults are sold in local malls. Also during the carnival tradition to treat all special biscuits called “Les pensees brouillees” (foggy mind).

In the second half of spring are the feast of the First Flowers in Wiltz, the Day of Saint Willibrord in the Mullerthal and the Catholic festival Octaves.

June 23, Luxembourgers celebrating the birthday of the Grand Duke. Torchlight procession in front of the Palace of the Grand Duke, fireworks and festivities, held on the eve of his birthday.

Statue of a magician, Luxembourg Fair and the charity event Soberness held in late August early September. Interesting beer Festival (only in the capital) in September, the festive event on Memorial Day (Ascension day), the festival of dance and pantomime “Cor de Capucine” (Minsk, July), from March to may the Festival “Musical spring” festival, but the rock music lasts all summer.

In August in the capital of the Duchy is fun festival Ueberhuber, and in the Moselle valley start wine holidays, continuing until late autumn. Luxembourgers honor their own history and traditions. Rather peculiar local festivals and processions, in particular the so-called March of the sheep farmers in broad-brimmed hats and long frock coats of the sound of music performed in the streets of rams.

Many private businesses and organizations of Luxembourg are closed during the religious and other holidays, such as “the day the remission of sins” in February, the festival of beer (only in the capital) in September, January 1st, may 1st & 25th, June 23 (birthday of the Grand Duke), 15 August (assumption day) 1 November (All Saints Day) and 25 December (Christmas).

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