Holidays Valencia

The holiday, which always with you. Maybe Hemingway didn’t know well enough Valencia, otherwise I would have taken her in his book at least a special Chapter. Valencia has always been famous for its ability to paint a life of fun colors. Today, in a community where a large portion of income is earned rest, to have a good holiday – means to live comfortably “off season”. So that’s that, and arrange holidays in Valencia love.

Two major events community – this Fallas (Fallas) and bullfighting. Fallas – one of the most revered holidays in Spain. In Valencia it is celebrated everywhere – from the capital to the resorts of Alicante and castellón. Fallas takes place in early spring, during lent. This feast is a unique fusion of pagan traditions and Christian rituals. It is a noisy carnival, fireworks, folk music and fire shows. A Central element of the Fallas are a platform on which to construct a caricature sculptures out of cardboard. These sculptures are prepared throughout the year. In the night of 18 to 19 March – on the eve of St. Joseph – they are paraded through the streets of the city to eventually burn at the stake. This ritual symbolizes the cleansing of man from evils and is the finale of the whole event.

Bullfighting in Valencia takes place regularly. It gradually ceases to be “sport killers” bull now do not kill, but only wear. What more humanely – the question, of course, controversial. But, anyway, bullfighting – it’s part of Spanish culture, from which the country is not going to give up.

The main bullfighting community takes place in Valencia, Spain at the arena Plaza de Torros, up 16 thousand spectators. It is confined either to the already mentioned the Fallas festival or annual great fair, which takes place in July.

One of the most luxurious holidays community – the festival of Moors and Christians. It is a similar Fallas lush procession, but on another occasion and with other decorations. During the Fallas of Valencia to celebrate the liberation of Spain from the Arab domination. In addition to the marches, the Moors and Christians are known for their large-scale mock battles seven centuries ago. The festival takes place in several cities community. The best known festival in Alcoi.

Valencia is well known as a stable supplier of news under the heading “Curiosities from around the world”. Fun events in the community goes to excess. So, every year at the end of August look at the world on TV, thousands of happy faces, smeared with tomato paste. The town of buñol near capital of Valencia. Here in the dead of summer Tomatina is held or a Competition in throwing tomatoes.

Every year in September tickles the nerves of the street running in front of a raging bull daredevil. The town of Segorbe celebrates Semana de Torres – a Week of bullfighting. Here, right on narrow city streets anyone can find the ratio of their speed qualities and qualities mentioned cloven-hoofed.

Each year, the brave inhabitants of the town of Denia, in the province of Alicante, challenge the brave inhabitants of Segorbe. In Denia not just running with the bulls on distillation. Here together with them, dive into the sea. The holiday is called Bous a la Mar. It takes place in August.

Holidays Spain is a ready cure for the spleen, which is sold without a prescription. So do not hurry to swallow the Prozac. It is better to spend a little more, but with great effect. Because there is a chance that after Valencia you forget about your depression forever. So welcome to the country of permanent fun. A country where for a good party no regrets vegetables. The country, where they still feel an irresistible craving for the bulls. Welcome to the Valencia Country!

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