In Druzhkivka, a festival of “Druzhkovka autumn”

Ten years ago, a group of talented Druzhkovka decided to organize a festival “Druzhkovka autumn”, where local singers, musicians, authors, dancers were able to demonstrate their skills. During this time hundreds of our countrymen were on the stage and delighted by the talent of many of the participants. So, on the stage of “Golden autumn” began his career of TV show “Chance” Dmitry Ivashchenko and “Karaoke on the Maidan” Boris Globa.

Last Saturday, December 30, DK “Etude” was held for the tenth time “Druzhkovka autumn”. The festival was opened by the Director of KP “Druzhkovka Park of culture and rest” Eduard Karamanis anthem “Druzhkovka of autumn”. Then appealed to those present, mayor Valery Gnatenko, the chief of Department on Affairs of family, youth, sports, culture and tourism Julia Brewer and Chairman of trade Union Committee of PJSC “Druzhkovka heavy engineering plant” Anatoly Selivanov.

“The best indicator of success “Druzhkovka of autumn” – full hall of the House of culture, – said Valery Gnatenko. – Today we will speak different performers and groups who were preparing for performances in the summer. Unfortunately, when DK “Sketch” became the property of the city, to us, together with the building and moved the mass of unresolved domestic issues. Now in Ukraine the program works for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the DC. And maybe next year we can take artists and audiences in an upgraded room”.

“Despite the fact that autumn is actually completed and there will soon be a winter in this room is very warm from your smiles and your creativity, your good mood,’ said Julia Brewer. We have always said and will say that Druzhkovka the land is very rich in talent. And talents are different – we have singers, dancers, and poets”.

Concluding the official part of the festival, Selivanov Anatoly remembered about the first steps “Druzhkovka autumn” and participation in its creation of trade-Union committees of various companies in the city.

Then on stage came out one after the other festival participants. Among them were and musical groups (“Sudarushka”, “Metiznik”), and soloists (Svetlana Antonova, Victoria Bondarenko), and dancers (Hope, Tamara Charles). Most of the famous singers performed songs from the repertoire of the stars of the Ukrainian and international pop, and only the soloist of group  Andrey Knyazkov performed his own composition “Reboot”, condemning the vices of modern humanity and there are calls to change the existing world. These words were as relevant as ever in connection with the events on the main square of the country and, bearing in mind that the repertoire was determined a few weeks before the festival, Andrew became a kind of prophet of upcoming events.

Not to mention about the newcomers festival, many of which played such a large audience. So, Alice Zazimko, first time speaking on “Druzhkovka fall,” sang Robert Rozhdestvensky and Eugene Ptichkin “Echo of love”.

“For me it’s an honor to perform on stage of the festival, said after speaking to the correspondent of “DNL+” Alice. – When I was invited to speak at “Druzhkovka autumn”, at first I was a little scared, because I never had to speak before such a large audience, but I pulled myself together and I think we were quite good. Thank you to the audience, who warmly greeted the artists and thank us with thunderous applause”. But certainly the main star of the evening was Valentina Kravchenko and the ensemble “Sudarushka”, which is defiantly sang the song “Faina” and left no one indifferent in the hall.

Ended the concert medley on the theme of the birthday performed by Amateur theatre “Kaleidoscope”. “I have over 10 years of existence “Druzhkovka autumn” did not miss a single concert, says Druzhkovka Hope Anosov. – Nice to see how over the years the quality and quantity of the party had changed for the better. Literally before my eyes in a very strong vocalist grew Dmitry Yevtushenko, today also pleased with the Duo of Victor and Victoria. Oh and my favourite “metal workers” hooked not one string in my soul”.

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In Druzhkivka, a festival of "Druzhkovka autumn"
Ten years ago, a group of talented Druzhkovka decided to organize a festival "Druzhkovka autumn", where local singers, musicians, authors, dancers were able to demonstrate their skills. During this time…

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