International Tsarskoselsky carnival

First of all, on the anniversary carnival carnival are invited delegations from different countries of the world. Among the first powerful volley fun and energetic rhythms shoot Samba-battery drummers and dance groups hottest North of the carnival of Helsinki.

Continuing a long tradition of carnival in Tsarskoe Selo, will remain the favorite in all competitions for the best costumes, the most original carnival umbrella or a costume for your beloved pet. The jury members will be famous actors, comedians, fashion designers. The main prize – a car!

Universal celebrations will conclude a week-long anniversary celebrations and will take place on Saturday 26 June in the Buffer Park.

Plunge into a carnival atmosphere will allow a variety of interactive platforms.

On «artists Alley” art workshops in improvised open air together with professional artists, guests Tsarskoselsky carnival will paint a picture.

In the “Village of fools” – to participate in theatrical performances and master classes in MIME and the art of makeup.

On “the Alley animating sculptures” will contest in the trendy genre of “Living dolls” “the statue of Tsarskoye Selo”.

For a few hours will revive the most famous sculptures of the city-hero of the day.The theme of the performance, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Tsarskoye Selo, will be the glorious history of the favorite Royal residence or “the Town Music”, also known as Pushkin. Well known sculpture “the girl with the pitcher”, bronze Pushkin Lyceum student, the statue of Hercules, standing at the Cameron gallery or sculpture Galatea, near the Catherine Palace.

Rich ground for the imagination of artists also offer historical figures – Pushkin, Gogol, Akhmatova, members of the Imperial family, whose lives are closely intertwined with Tsarskoye Selo. Many historical events, significant for the history of the whole country, was born there. So, the first railroad in Russia was held from Tsarskoye Selo to St. Petersburg. And among the sculptures, quite possibly, will be the first operator of the railway (Franz Gerstner, an Austrian engineer who supervised the construction of this road). «more Importantly, what will be creatively interpreted and presented in vivid images the entire 300-year history of Tsarskoye Selo” – say the organizers.

On “the Alley ojivayuschih sculptures” Tsarskoselsky carnival will gather the best of the best. 12 “Selo statues” for the competitive selection will present a professional MIME artists and artists – winners of various international competitions and festivals.

In the evening on the Main stage will host a charity auction was created by Carnival films. From 19.30 to 20.30 guests of Carnival waits favorite entertainment – «Karaoke throughout the meadow”. After – a musical tribute to the 300th anniversary of Tsarskoye Selo – a concert of popular carskosel Vyacheslav Butusov and group “the End” (Moscow) and the “Stones” (Pushkin). With 22.40 23.00 finale jubilee celebrations Show will air lanterns.

Tsarskoye Selo festivities will last from 14 to 23 hours. Access to Buffer the Park by taxi from the metro «Moscow” or “strange” or by train from Vitebsky station to the station «21 km”.

A few words about the history

More than fifteen years ago – in 1995 – in Russia was revived the tradition of holding Carnivals. But these were not elite Imperial masquerades for the higher strata of society, it was reasonable happy holiday for everyone – the holiday the most, “folk”.

The first carnival was so distinctive and original that immediately attracted the attention of the international community carnival. And just a couple of years, in the town of Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) joined the Federation of European carnival cities (FECC), and Igor Gavryushin was appointed President of the Russian section of the Association.

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