Lighting equipment

In the world of show business and art submissions plays a role of every detail, every aspect. To the impression of the music was complete and comprehensive, it must be supplemented by special visual effects, as well as correctly to pick up the lighting effects and signals. Quality and versatile lighting equipment – a required element for performances of musical artists and groups, as well as an indispensable part of the atmosphere in clubs and entertainment establishments.

What could be the lighting equipment: modern technology

Use special lighting effects to enhance the experience of musical performances started in the past centuries. Flashes of fire and fireworks, fog and light colored rain are examples of simple, but always interesting solutions in the design of various shows. But today, in the era of rapid development of technologies, lighting equipment moved to a new level, and its possibilities were just fantastic.

But you can’t just buy the most modern and expensive lighting equipment . this is not a guarantee of success. To pick the right devices for lighting and other effects need to be carefully and correctly, in accordance to your needs.

Three key aspects that affect the choice of equipment:

Orientation or style in which you are planning to make a speech;

The specificity of the architectural designs of the room or venue;

The size of the budget.

Divide the equipment into several types: simple lighting effects, professional equipment, instruments for control and management of light setup to create other effects (mist, vapors, bubbles, etc.) in combination with lighting effects, as well as laser systems and devices.

Best lighting equipment from shop MusicDay

In the store MusicDay you can find the most modern lighting equipment from the leaders in this industry in the world. The most popular and sought after brands in this field is recognized by companies such as ACME, Involight, SV Light, CHAUVET, LS Systems, Nightsun. Their goods as well as products from other top manufacturers you can find in our catalog. The main types of equipment:

Led spotlights. The most popular and popular types of lighting equipment that require a bit of energy, and give a stunning and lasting effect;

Spotlights revolving type . which is often used in discos, clubs and night spots;

The smoke generators, snow, fog, bubbles. Used in conjunction with lighting equipment;

Laser devices of different capacity and orientation;

Special lights for effects . controllers and equipment to manage them;

Sitepolicy is the main tool for creating light shows;

Theater spotlights, light gun .

Classic disco balls . Reflecting light, they create amazing light background in the room or on the Playground.

In addition, in a music shop MusicDay you can find other accessories to create light shows and support gigs. This is a special wireless control panels, and software for controlling light, and leaf filters, and special lamps for lighting effects.

Lighting equipment can be purchased separately, or bundled. To help pick a perfect set of equipment according to your budget and requirements will help our experienced shop that will answer all your questions and offer their own ideas and solutions.

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