Congratulations with the Professional holiday

happy birth, work!

Plumber, joiner you “only”,

Electrician, painter – you, work…

You are the master of your business,

And “super-Pro”, by the way!

Will not let set the record,

Your every day is harsh and difficult:

Poem greeting desktop comic

Heavy and difficult t ores working,

To fly for a couple of days, at least in Sochi!

And take a break from the exercise,

Soak up the sea, to eat the fruit!

Not everyone has to work so given,

And we congratulate heartily You meant!

We wish You to become the chief,

Congratulation worker short poems

May things go well for You,

Congratulations to the driver of the crane – woman – with the 35th anniversary of operation

35 years since then, as our dear hard worker – crane operator foundry , crossed the threshold of the factory entrance. The years of her working life has absorbed the best that was in the life: first love, growing up, the joy of family and maternal happiness, extraordinary magic to be his beloved grandmother. For the professionalism she has 6 bits, his work knows perfectly, and not only clear the work of his steel horse, but the production process is casting, since the model plot. To say that the work of the machinist of the bridge crane in the foundry is not easy, it means nothing Continue reading

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There are holidays that everyone knows.

New year or birthday in such holidays as we are accustomed to congratulate and receive congratulations.

But don’t limit yourself, if you want to do something nice for a loved one.

An unexpected pleasure is the most expensive.

Want option?

Give your loved one or girlfriend, son or daughter, mother or father, friend or friend – banner.

For example, look at the  large format banner printing is inexpensive and quite affordable.

For this purpose it is best suited, perhaps, easy banner.

It’s kind of in a huge variety of all kinds of banners and different efficiency without loss of quality.

Such a gift and funny, and very nice, and certainly very original.

The banner can give a person, and a partner company, for example.

And to make this gift any day, without waiting for the official celebration, highlighted in the calendar in red.

And you can use our mini-calendar fun holidays.

This is an unusual holidays and very funny.

Transfer them into your diary or mobile phone, so as not to miss the opportunity to enjoy myself and please others.

Send cards, call, get ready for the celebration – fill your Continue reading

What are the holidays in March?

Beginning of spring in many cities of Russia welcomes the residents of cold gusty winds and occasional trickling and the birds coming from the South. In the days of March are celebrated various holidays. Speaking about the significant dates March, we certainly remember international women’s day – March 8. Many owners of Pets will call and 1 March – Cat day. But still sometimes you want to give yourself a holiday and celebrate something else besides famous and popular dates.

What holidays in March celebrates Russia?

March 1 – Russia celebrates the Day of cats. The owners of these graceful and independent animals on this day will definitely pay a little bit more love and attention to their Pets. On the same day the Russians congratulate forensic experts of the interior Ministry on their professional holiday.

March 8 – international women’s day. This holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world, this is the day to congratulate the women, girls and girls.

10 March in Russia – Day archives. On this day let us remember the significance of the data store for us the history of our ancestors.

March 11 – mark their professional holiday of the workers of bodies Continue reading

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