Most beautiful places in Ukraine

What is our portal and how is it so good? Perhaps we should start with its cultural side. The category of “Interesting about Ukraine” will show our wonderful country from different perspectives: historical, political, geological, folklore. In addition, you can learn about Ukrainian national holidays. This will help you a calendar of Ukraine from the portal Ukraine-In – he’ll tell you about the origins of their origin, time of start and end of the celebration, and about the habits engendered by these days. Some of these practices (e.g., existing on the holiday of Ivan Kupala) more than a thousand years. Christmas carols, jumping over the fire, divination, herbs, burning Didukh and more can not infect a special festive spirit of participants of these actions! One hundred and say, beautiful Ukraine beautiful customs. The modern culture of Ukraine not less eventful (religious and secular activities) than the lives of our ancestors of the Eastern Slavs. About it you can learn from our calendar of holidays, national cuisine secrets and achievements in recentyears.

Culture of Ukraine, Modern and national culture, Monuments of culture of Ukraine

The culture of Ukraine is rich in its historical heritage and natural wonders. An example of the wonders of nature can serve as the Ternopil region, where is the second longest cave in the world. It is worth saying that the national culture of Ukraine, its heritage is not only a gift from nature ancient caves and nature reserves with rare species of plants and animals, but in man-made nature. An example of the latter can serve as the Nikolaev zoo, participating in the 18th international programs for the conservation of endangered species. Started as an ordinary private aquarium, the Nikolaev zoo today – one of the richest and most beautiful zoos of Europe. But the most beautiful places of Ukraine presented to us, of course, mother nature. Its wonders include the reserve “Askania-Nova” (Kherson region), lake Svityaz (Volyn) and Berehove (Zakarpattia), Crimean marble caves, the Dniester canyon (located just in 4 regions of the country) and many others.

Beautiful Ukraine – the Most beautiful places of Ukraine

Throughout the country you can find monuments of culture of Ukraine is and medieval castles and religious buildings of IX-XIII centuries were built, and the place of grandiose battles (for example, near Poltava Poltava battle field Russian army under the command of Peter I against the Swedish king Charles XII in 1709). In the Lviv region is one of the oldest castles in the country – the oldest in the Western Ukraine. It Olesky Zamak, which is located on a hill near the village of Olesko. Capable of impressing and other medieval masterpieces fortification structure: Uzhgorod castle (now Museum), the Kamianets-Podilskyi castle (it was built a few centuries), the pearl of the Renaissance castle in the village of Pidhirtsi (scenes in the Louvre from the Soviet film “the Three Musketeers” shot in it), Lutsk castle is depicted on the banknote of 200 hryvnias, Medzhybizh castle in its time was one of my favorite buildings of the famous Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. These and many other beautiful places in Ukraine you will find in our section “Sights”. I must say that is beautiful places in Ukraine can meet and where you don’t expect to find them to meet: passing along the streets of some cities, you can witness or even a party pageant; to detect in the alley simple house with wonderful bas-reliefs and moldings; passing by villages, to find clear or blue as the sky, lakes and lush green forests.

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