Original holiday greetings!

Just the other day we wrote about the app in the “Cards with a Goal on a mobile phone “, in which the developers of the company Incrdbl Mobile Entertainment gathered a large number of original Christmas and new year greetings. Today we will talk about another interesting program called ” Sweepstakes and congratulations VoiceCards “.

This app is among the three leaders in the genre congratulatory applications and is high rank more than deserved. It is possible to find about thirty thousand voice jokes and greeting cards for all occasions.

The app will help you choose the most appropriate birthday greetings, birthday, professional, or calendar holiday, wedding, birth of children, etc. a Nice addition is the built-in calendar, which is almost all the holidays, including the most unusual. By the way, “Jokes and greetings VoiceCards” will promptly warn users about upcoming events. For example, on December 21 realtors celebrate their professional holiday.

When selecting birthday cards you will need to choose the gender and name of the birthday boy. The application has an impressive list in which there are even quite exotic names, as well as a very handy “reminder”. This option will remind you about birthdays of your friends and loved ones. All the app takes data from social networks or the phone book.

For a convenient search greetings you can choose who designed greetings – boyfriend or girlfriend. Users can view the text of the postcard, as well as to fully listen. In addition to personalized greeting cards, and holiday greetings and significant events “Sweepstakes and congratulations VoiceCards” and suitable for practical jokes. In the Appendix there are many jokes that are sure to cheer up your friends and acquaintances.

Once you decide with voice greeting card, you will need to enter a phone number and ask the delivery time. For example, today users can send messages to your friends, congratulating them on the New Year, February 23, March 8 or professional holiday, which will be in late 2014. As soon as the card will reach the addressee, the sender’s phone number will receive a message report. More detailed information (shipping time, recipient, order number, and status) about sent the card, users will be able to receive in your profile in the “delivery Report”.

It is noteworthy that greetings are delivered by using VoiceCards are not only mobile, but also on the telephone. And voice greeting card will find its destination at any point of the globe. And even if the recipient is busy and can’t get the game, the service will make up to 15 attempts. If all fifteen attempts are unsuccessful, a card will automatically return to the account and the user will be able to send it again. It’s also worth noting that the subscriber will be able to see that the call came from you and not from an unknown number. Although there are options. When you send congratulations new users will be able to choose from which number the call comes through.

Version for iPad

The application is completely free and as a bonus, all new members receive a free one voice card. By the way, the number of bonus greetings can be increased. It’s enough to invite their friends from social networks to install “Sweepstakes and congratulations VoiceCards” on their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.

Don’t waste time, the next major holiday is just around the corner – the door has been knocking the New Year. And with deferred delivery to congratulate your relatives, friends and colleagues with the upcoming holiday, you can now.

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