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There are holidays that everyone knows.

New year or birthday in such holidays as we are accustomed to congratulate and receive congratulations.

But don’t limit yourself, if you want to do something nice for a loved one.

An unexpected pleasure is the most expensive.

Want option?

Give your loved one or girlfriend, son or daughter, mother or father, friend or friend – banner.

For example, look at the  large format banner printing is inexpensive and quite affordable.

For this purpose it is best suited, perhaps, easy banner.

It’s kind of in a huge variety of all kinds of banners and different efficiency without loss of quality.

Such a gift and funny, and very nice, and certainly very original.

The banner can give a person, and a partner company, for example.

And to make this gift any day, without waiting for the official celebration, highlighted in the calendar in red.

And you can use our mini-calendar fun holidays.

This is an unusual holidays and very funny.

Transfer them into your diary or mobile phone, so as not to miss the opportunity to enjoy myself and please others.

Send cards, call, get ready for the celebration – fill your life with the holidays.

For example, these:

January 11 – international day of “thank you”

Undoubtedly, this date is the most polite of the year. “Spasiba” on this day, all who are close to you, but remember that true gratitude is one that comes from the heart!

January 21 is national hug day

Hugging is not only pleasant but also useful. During the friendly people exchange hugs and kisses with positive energy and warmth, but for full happiness I must hug at least 8 times a day.

January 31 – the Day of Vodka

17 February – the Day of spontaneous acts of kindness

It is assumed that in this day people should not just kind, and infinitely good and unselfishly… You are capable of such a “feat”?

March 13 – Day Striptease ( for the first time in Paris in 1894)

March 14 – international day of PI

“You just have to try and remember everything as it is: three, fourteen, fifteen, ninety-two and six…” digital expression “PI” begins as 3,1415926 and has an infinite mathematical expectancy. The same duration may have a feast in honor of the glorious number.

April 22 – Earth Day

April 29 – international dance day

Everybody dance! Tango, Rumba, flamenco, hip-hop, rock-n-roll, break dance.

A professional and an Amateur. At home and in the club. With friends, in a pair or solo. With music and without. Sleeping and waking.

May 3 – Sun Day

May 8 – Day Birds

31 may – world day of blondes

Bright minds, now and in your street a holiday! And no matter you are a natural blonde or not: the main thing is cause for celebration, after all!

June 8 – Oceans Day

June 9 – the international day of friends

This festive date is just made for good cheer: it never hurts to remind your friends how important they are to us.

July 6th is international kissing day

In September 1990, the American Alex Tungsten 8 hours kissed 8001 people. Thus, he managed to kiss a new person every 3.6 seconds. Weakly to break the record?

July 11 – chocolate Day

September 23 – Day chewing Gum

30 September – international day for Internet

Professional holiday of all users and workers in the Internet industry. If you do not confuse such words as , im and chat, then it is your holiday too – congratulations!

On October, 1st – Day Coffee and Smiles

October 2 – feast Day

October 2 – Day

In a series of fun holidays “made in Russia” wormed a little-known feast Day. And what a meal without toasts, songs and intoxicating beverages? Don’t get too carried away, because hangover on

next day you will not succeed.

3 October – international day of sobriety

Have fun, celebrate, but “dry”: any intoxicating drinks – no, no, no, soft drinka – Yes, Yes, Yes!

October 8 – Egg Day

16 November – Day of Tolerance

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