Serving festive table at home

Beautifully decorated table – is the calling card of the hostess. The first thing you need to consider decorating the holiday table – this is of course subject, the purpose of the holiday. Festive table at the children’s party will be somewhat different than in the adult celebration; the decoration of the Christmas table will be different from the decoration of the Easter table, etc.

How to decorate and set the table for a holiday?

The decor and table decorations

We will give you some recommendations on decorating and decoration of the festive table.

To make your event the best and most interesting, not just a delicious and varied dishes. You still need to properly decorate a room, table, dishes, utensils, and then dressing up the most. And most importantly — to convey a sense of celebration to its guests. And so, coming to visit you, they should see the best, most beautiful and unique table decoration. Is it possible when making a table to do without white tablecloths, without intricately folded napkins, name cards, menus, candles, etc.

❧ Each hostess will decorate the festive standing, trying to make it as best as possible. The main thing — not to overdo it: a huge number of different trinkets on the table will only irritate.

Before you set the table, decide what style you want to do it. The choice of style depends on whether you have a tableware and tablecloths of this style. But the leading role belongs to all of the same vessel, so as to pick up the tablecloth to the pan easier than Vice versa. For example, if you are the happy owner of a crystal set — then you should set the table “solemn” white starched tablecloths, starched napkins and beautiful exquisite bouquets in crystal vases. And if you have crockery — that with it you can fantasize endlessly, as it can pick up the tablecloth of any shape and colors, as well as different accessories.

The table setting. Rules

Festive tablecloths and napkins

Interesting napkins, colored or white-white, folded into original shape, will give the table a special solemnity. Therefore, when choosing accessories for the holiday table, you must determine what they will be color: the same color with a tablecloth, or to shade and add to it. The main thing — do not forget that the tablecloth and utensils should match well with each other. If you have not purchased the right tablecloth for the dining or tea set, and then take the time — it can be made from ordinary plain cloth. This tablecloth will fit into any container, even color. Looks especially good over a plain tablecloth bright “flower” set, if the color of the tablecloth is reflected in his figure. Plain tablecloth if you wish, you can make a silk ribbon. This will give a unique touch to your table, especially if the ribbon color will match the color range of the service. But for the coffee set, made with special elegance, perfect tablecloth and napkins, decorated with simple lace. Also you can give new life to an old table cloths, putting on top of a beautiful tulle or transparent fabric with lurex.

Spice your table will be able to give paper napkins, decorated in a special way. There are several interesting ways to fold paper napkins. Now on sale there are a variety of cloth in different colors and with any picture, so you can easily pick up the napkins on the theme of the celebration. For paper napkins have special holders, usually included in a set of large sets. If you have found only the white (monochrome or color) napkins, they can be issued as follows: for example, to turn them shapes: rolls, triangles, “fans”, etc. For napkins, decorated thus, if no special holders, use a glass or crystal goblet.

Options for the use of napkins to the table setting

More sophisticated ways of folding napkins (step-by-step diagrams of folding napkins)

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