Summer holiday

The time of serene relaxation, relaxed, napped in the sun, light conversations and delicious food? The time that I want to share with friends, often get together and chat – summer.

What could be better than a feast with friends on the summer terrace of his own giving? Or evening gatherings at steaming barbecue in the cozy shaded gazebo?

Such important moments of your life that you want to keep in mind, everyone has. Want to pay attention to every detail, but it should start with planning. The first mandatory point of holding a first-class holiday preparation.

A summer holiday

It is clear that our good mood to a large extent depends on the nature. And collect guests best on a clear fine day. But given the unpredictability and our whims and desires (which already chilly at +18), and windy weather, be ready to set the table at home.

The style of the party

Summer is awakened in us a great desire to move, to dance. Instead of Seating guests on high chairs with straight backs, handing them napkins and a thousand Cutlery, reset the officialdom! If the nature of the holiday dynamiczny, with music and entertainment, place the dishes on a small low table, leaving a free space for passage, games and dances, free chatting and meeting guests.

Arrange a buffet with hot and cold appetizers canapés, tartlets stuffed, miniature scones, ham and cheese on skewers, fresh vegetables and herbs (the garden). Prepare treats of a small amount of “bite”. Like serving meals at parties came from Western countries. Culinary pompous heavy dishes they changed to simple and healthy snacks called finger food.

Make your choice in favor of refreshing and low-alcohol beverages. Arrange the jugs of homemade lemonade or serve a big bowl of punch or champagne cocktail – drinks with berries and herbs.

Colorful surroundings

A striking addition to the festival will be decorative ornaments. The relevant tables are small bunches and rings made of garden flowers. Rings take a flexible wire and make the frame – Flex, heart-shaped or oval. Oblate wire green branches, flowers on long stalks and fix thin ribbon or lace.

Of colored tissue paper roll envelopes and hide inside something nice for everyone who came – the same flower or some chocolates. In General, having mastered simple circuits art of paper folding – origami, you can create a unique decor: coasters, candlesticks and paper balloons made of rice paper.

Inspired by a nautical theme, bring in a note of holiday resorts and splashing waves – lay on the table a round pebble of interesting shapes, shells and starfish, and the General colors of decoration let it be turquoise and blue, Golden and white.

And when the blue sky will start to dive at dusk, there will come a time of twinkling lights – a few floating candles dip in a bowl of water or a glass on a thin stalk, and in the sky launch paper lanterns.

Decorating the trees in the garden or shrubs around the gazebo, you will create an extraordinary atmosphere. Colorful balloons or ribbons on the branches of Apple and cherry trees, Chinese lanterns, illuminating the road to the site, garlands of miniature light bulbs – pick something that fits the theme of the party.

Camping in itself is a wonderful event where a key goal of the meeting was to meet, socialize and have a good rest. And it is within our power to make prepared menu was a good addition in the evening, and the friends would like to go back to a summer tale again and again, and not only in the memories…

The inspiration for the culinary delights we scooped Martha Stewart, she owned and the dishes we offer to plan the menu in the summer holiday.

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