The Best carnivals of the world

If you are going winter to come to Crete, it is better to plan such a trip under the last days of February – beginning of March. Carnival celebrations are held at this time all over the island, but a large procession traditionally held in Rethymno in the last days before Clean Monday.

February-March here in Crete is the month, which falls on a time of fun and carnival preceding Lent – Apokries. With the help of using diving from a cliff decided to have fun the inhabitants of the town of Agios Nikolaos. Dive they are not just anywhere, but in a fresh-water lake in the centre of the city, now connected with the sea. This lake schitaetsa geological phenomenon, since the bottom of the funnel. So the bottom of the “funnel” is connected with underground freshwater sources, and even now, when the lake was connected with the sea, it still has a fresh water (“sweet”, as they say in Greek).


Carnival 2011 will remain in my memory as “Carnival, when the elections were “ and “Carnival pink bunnies”.

Despite the small number of Russian population on our island, we have here, my (albeit very short), the Consulate.

RF presidential elections were organized in Crete on February 26, i.e., a week earlier than in Russia, and coincided with the final festive procession popular in Greece the celebration of Carnival.

Moreover, it is important that the participants of the Parade followed a similar

the street is the Russian Consulate and the room with the voting booth from the crowds walking were separated by only 20 cm brick wall.

“The election of the President of the Russian Federation on the island of Crete took place in a solemn and festive atmosphere.”

Back to the carnival:)

The costumes of the bunnies were really great!

Violet and white Teddy bears with roses at the waist and a short sleeve “flashlight” with white polka dots looked particularly impressive in the Greek middle-aged men. A romantic image of stressed white stockings to mid hairy thighs, ball-tail on the ass and white gloves holding a cigarette or a beer.

The beer went well skewers, which were captilize on portable braziers along desire, lavishing smoky flavors in the area. It seems that everyone was out at the grill outside for the joy of walking!

As expected at the carnival, the music was roaring on all cylinders, under my feet crunched the serpentine, the Gypsy woman selling balloons and blew bubbles to the delight of shrieking children. 5 seconds went past me: a doctor in a white coat, two one-eyed pirate, Horny mommy with a green baby, a lady dressed up as a COP with the pink hair under a hat, and bunch of some striped animals, like Brimelow from Pinocchio.

I can not mention one brave gentleman in pink underwear and pink towel into a butterfly, Shine tanned body on the Sunny promenade.

The day really was very delicious! On the beach some of the family rehearse for tomorrow kite flying – this beautiful ritual Crete celebrate every year on Clean Monday, the beginning of Lent.

Pandemonium along the streets during the Parade and chock full of taverns after him not even being discussed. The night takes place in the dancing on the beach under the fireworks and torches burning platforms and stuffed the “king of carnival”. As they say, the strongest survive. It seems like there is no crisis.

They are called “codenames” because on the belt at them “codon rd” or the bells that do not ring, but rather a rattle, giving an even more awesome look costumed in animal skins. This ancient custom here.

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