The best cityscapes in the world

With landscapes we associate the forests, rivers, mountains, fields, the sea and all nature in General. This is always a topic for another painting from the artists. But people can create masterpieces, which are of course not comparable with nature, but they, too, can enjoy. Let’s see what are the best urban landscapes exist in the world!

New York is one of the largest cities in the United States, which was once founded by British colonists. There will be charmed by the impressive architectural monuments, bustling streets of downtown, green Central Park, street scenery Bronx and exquisite waterfront of Manhattan. Well, the main symbol is the statue of Liberty, looking from its height into the distance of the Atlantic ocean.

And the most romantic city in the world Venice simultaneously frightens and fascinates the fact that leaves in water for 5 mm a year. The city, extending from the surface of the water, penetrated by hundreds of small channels and one large the Grand canal, on the banks of which is situated the most amazing buildings in the city. Small bridges and beautiful palaces carry in the past, when seething passion, Palace coups and masquerades.

Amazing city of London combines the old cobblestone streets and modern areas, squares, parks and gardens, which are in harmony with the big city streets and the river Thames. Tourists come each year to admire the famous landmarks: tower bridge, London Eye and Big Ben. You can stay there in a hostel for students. it will be much cheaper than the usual hotel, but no less comfortable and convenient.

St. Petersburg, despite the fact that Peter the great founded it based on the architecture of a modern European cities, has its own culture. Endless roof home, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Golden Admiral’s calm, numerous waterways, churches, monuments and beautiful river Neva, which is spread over large movable bridges. Amazing skyline of this city attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Tokyo, capital of Japan, where the lives of 13 million people, is constantly evolving and becoming more modern. The city is growing and in width and in height. Why are only some only intertwining the motorway! Looking at them, surprised, as the drivers do not get confused and go in the right direction. And external multilane metro lines, unusual skyscrapers, bright colors advertising billboards, giant screens — all this creates the unique landscape of the city.

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and the largest center of economy and culture. Here the old buildings are intertwined with the most modern buildings. Art centers have an unusual architecture, the amazing. And the monuments of art Shine beautiful colours in the reflection of the Yarra river.

One of the most exciting cities in the world Amsterdam is the taste and beauty. Colorful houses of different shapes and sizes, colorful promenade, wide area, narrow old streets and a huge number of tulips. In Amsterdam there are almost no skyscrapers. Instead, they are magnificent churches, cathedrals and castles.

The world capital of carnival Rio de Janeiro shrouded atmosphere of celebration and joy. Here there is freedom and relentless energy. With Sugar loaf rocks you can see the entire city skyline, where Sunny beaches, houses, green hills, skyscrapers and a lot of people. And on top of the city looking statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Berlin embodies the Gothic Cathedral, the arc de Triomphe and the beautiful riverbanks of the spree and old square, on which stand numerous ancient monuments. And the New city appears in modern guise, where the amazing architecture. Berlin is the capital of street art, so almost everywhere you can see the result of this trend.

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