24th April at the restaurant of MIAMI will host the presentation of the DEBUT music video by OLEG YAKOVLEV (Ivanushki international) for the song “DANCE my EYES CLOSED”.

This event has long been waiting for! The Russian boy band “Ivanushki int” Oleg Yakovlev (in early April of this year has left a legendary ensemble) presents to the public his first music video for the track “Dance eyes closed.”

In the evening guests can enjoy an exclusive performance by Oleg Yakovlev, immerse yourself in the rhythms of the ultra modern sound as well as hear the hits of group “Ivanushki international” and other stars that will delight honourable audience with their songs.

The festival will bring together representatives of the fashion establishment, associated with one artist’s creative life: their colleagues on stage, legendary producers, Directors respected media, film structures, prominent journalists, TV presenters, entertainers, designers and all who love, appreciate and sincerely proud of the friendship with Oleg Yakovlev and wishes him no less saturated than in “Simons” events and accomplishments solo career.

The track “Dance your eyes closed” is loved by the listeners of the most fashionable country radio station DFM.

The basic concept of the presentation will be the phrase of the song “Nicely put you in the red dress”. The restaurant will be filled with the graceful gait of a beautiful female models who will demonstrate gorgeous dresses!

A big surprise for all the guests of the evening will be a small operator/directorial debut Oleg Yakovlev and his beloved Alexandra koziol (TV presenter, reporter TV channels MUZ-TV and th), which also played a major role in the video clip. “Sasha and I began to shoot a video back in January, during a holiday in the Maldives, and in Moscow a professional operator and Director Roman Kucharski adequately completed shooting!” – says Oleg. Bright, light and fashionable, the video will fill the audience with a spring mood and give them hope and faith in love – “Dance my eyes closed to me…”!

The party will be held under an informational support of the Federal dance music radio station DFM . Federal music channel MUZ-TV and the most visited music channel You Тube in Russia ELLO.

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