The Most beautiful flowers in the world

According the scientists in the world there are about 270 thousand species of flowers. Today in our article, we have collected 10 most beautiful flowers in the world. Of course, this list is far from complete. After all, how many people, so many opinions, and certainly each flower there connoisseur.

1 rose

Opens our list of the most beautiful flowers of the world – rose. This flower is considered one of the finest in the world. Known mentions of it in ancient Persia. There is a version that rose goes back to prehistoric times, when the human race did not exist. However, most often say that the rose was brought to Europe from China. This noble flower, about 30 thousand varieties. It is a symbol of love, loyalty, tenderness. The Queen of flowers, her name is different.

2 the egret Orchid

In the far East and the Japanese Islands can be found unusually delicate white flower, similar to white light, the wings of a bird. This flower is called the Egret Orchid. Its name was created by a famous Japanese legend. This flower can be attributed to the number of unique plants. The Egret Orchid is among the deciduous orchids.

3 Calla

Calla – flower embodies all the elegance and grace. Initially as a resident of South Africa. This flower can be divided into two groups – this white Callas and colorful. Calla lilies are unusual with any other colors of the same flower shape, resembling a Cup. It should be noted that this plant is poisonous to cats and dogs. Often the flower is used in making Bridal bouquets.

4 Cape or African Daisy

Among the most beautiful exotic flowers include capskey or as it is called African Daisy. This flower has an unusual shape and coloring. The very core of his bright blue with specks of yellow, and the petals purple-pink, rolled in a tube and end slightly turned, like a spoon. We have this flower is very rare. The Cape Daisy is among the African daisies.

5 Sakura

When we talk about Sakura, we always remember and Japan. With this country is associated flowering of this plant. White-pink flowers densely cover the branches of the Japanese cherry, flowering tree turns into a gentle cloud. At this amazing, but you short-term action (Sakura blossoms only one week) come to see from all over the world. In honor of the Sakura festivals are held even.

6 Columbine blue

Very delicate and fragile flower Catchment blue, also called the flower elves. Really its subtle elegance is associated with fairy-tale world of fairies and elves. Another of his name – Aquilegia blue. Flowers are shades of blue, blue or violet tones. Blue Aquilegia is a symbol of the state of Colorado. In the wild, this flower grows in the meadows and forests.

7 bleeding heart

The bleeding heart – a flower that has another sad called “broken heart”. So called because of the flower shape, which resembles a little heart broken in half. Blooms of the bleeding heart arcuate tassels, which hang gracefully over the delicate leaves and slightly flattened heart white Peeps drop resembling a tear. The colors of this soft, light flower is not varied – it is white and all shades of pink.

8 Lantana

Lantana – evergreen flowering shrub. This plant and is native to the tropical latitudes of America and Africa blooms dense, umbellate inflorescences. In these countries, this beautiful flower is called “curse planters”, for what, not being whimsical, it quickly expands, transforming the countryside into impenetrable thickets. The flower has a sweet fragrance, and the fruit of this plant is very poisonous. Keep this in mind if you decide to have the lanthanum in the house.

9 Flower Proteus

Flower Proteus is one of the most beautiful phenomena in nature. This chic flower originating from Africa. The family proteaceae includes about 70 genera. This flower contains a large amount of nectar. Most popular Proteus, can be attributed to the Royal Proteus. In its structure this flower resembles an artichoke. In the 70-ies of the 20 century, this flower is the national flower of South Africa.

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The Most beautiful flowers in the world
According the scientists in the world there are about 270 thousand species of flowers. Today in our article, we have collected 10 most beautiful flowers in the world. Of course,…

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