The Most famous carnivals and festivals in the world

Stay the best known carnivals and festivals in the world.

The Venetian carnival is one of the oldest carnivals in the world, which takes place in mid-February. Every year the whole of Venice is clothed in gowns of velvet, silk and brocade, which complement the amazing beauty mask. Traditionally, the carnival opens Venice festival called Festa delle Marie is a sort of celebration in honor of the release of local girls from pirate captivity. The program of the carnival is a very busy holiday confetti, a procession of hundreds of Pierrot, Harlequin, Columbine, performances of Commedia Dell’arte and more. For many people, is a reason to attend a masquerade ball, which is traditionally held in palaces or Palazzi with a long history. You can visit superior performance – “Gold night”, and “Ball of Casanova” and masquerade on the water.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It has long been believed that Brazil is the birthplace of the carnival. If we talk about the carnival in Rio, then it is most spectacular, ambitious and spectacular show in the world. He has no equal.

Goa Carnaval. The essence of the carnival that tourists and Indians walking the streets, dressed in colorful carnival costumes. And this happens daily for three days in the evenings. During this time all the streets of the cities and the small villages of Goa are filled with songs, dances and fun. The local beaches can be found nymphs, devils, angels, blue, and green people and many other fantastic characters. Visiting this festival, you will be at the mercy of a fabulous show. And to go to Goa is in February, that’s when you’ll find a holiday.

Holi is celebrated in Mauritius throughout the country. The night before kindled the bonfire, which symbolizes the destruction of evil spirit the Holika. This spring festival, held in February or March, represents a great victory of good over evil, divine over demonic. This day is an unusual ritual – on the recommendations of the healers auwerda people showered each other with powders of medicinal herbs.

Berlin international film festival is an annual international festival, a significant event in the film world, where you can receive prestigious award – the Golden and Silver Bear. Usually the festival annually present more than 400 films, brought from over a hundred countries around the world. This is the biggest film festival that has ever existed. Founded in 1951, he primarily focuses on progressive geopolitical cinema. You can visit it every year in February.

Pancake race in London is the most cheerful holiday. It takes place during the carnival. In several districts of the city compete runners with a frying pan. You need to break up into teams of four people to dress up in the most extraordinary costumes and run the torch along the route, which is negotiated in advance, you will need to toss the pancakes on the frying pan. The main thing is not to drop the pancake. The winners are treated to champagne.

Food and Fun in Iceland (Reykjavik) is an international gastronomic festival, to participate in which in Reykjavik brings together chefs from different points of the globe. Within a few days in the best restaurants in the city, you can attend workshops that are evaluated by judges and tasted by visitors. To attend this event in February. Choice as the venue of this festival is not accidental. Everyone knows that Iceland is a country where almost all products are environmentally friendly, especially water, which is considered the cleanest in the world.

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