The Most unusual children of the world

On the first day of summer in many countries celebrated international children’s day (International Children’s Day). This holiday for many Russians as a sign of international children’s day.

Today is international children’s day is held annually in 30 countries. On this day, adults remind myself of the rights of children to life, health, freedom and hope.

The highest children in the world. Karan Singh is the tallest child in the world for 2 years. His height is 130 cm, and weight is 42 pounds. Mother Karana is also the highest, but only in Asia. Her height is 2 meters 20 cm Lives this happy family in India.

In Brazil, too, have a giant baby, but this girl and older first 12 years. 14-year-old (at the moment already over) Elisane Silva ( Elisany Silva ) above ground level at 2 feet 6 inches. Also it is recognized as the tallest teenager in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of records.

The strongest child in the world . Romanian Giuliano System at the age of 8 years is the strongest child on the planet. In 2009, he set a world record, tavris from the floor at the same hands with feet in the air. After that, he got into the Guinness Book of records. His father accused of undue stress on the child, but he replies that nothing is pressing on her child, Giuliano deals much as he withstands. He, like all children, loves cartoons, games and everything else.

The fattest child in the world. Lu Hao is the fattest child in the world from China. When he was born, the weight was normal (2.6 kg). But within months he started to get fat. When Lou was 3 years old, his weight was 60 kg. I Wonder what Lou will not stop screaming and crying. Until he gets food. The parents of the little fat man in shock: they took him to the doctors who could not explain the excessive appetite and weight gain Hao.

The smallest child in the world. The smallest child of the world was born on 19 September 2004 at week 26 of pregnancy. With the growth of 24 inch girl Rumaisa Rahman weighed only 243 grams (less beverage in cans). Such an early birth due to a sharp decline in the health of the mother Rumaisa. She got her blood pressure, so I had to give birth to at least save the child. The girl was born not one, but with my sister. Sister Hiba weighed in 2 times more – 570 grams.

Britain was also the carrier of record. In this country the child was born weighing more than the previous one (300 g), but growth less than 6 inches – 18 inches is a little more than the iPhone.

The oldest baby in the world. Gali Langdo lives in India for 27 years, as has the development of 2-year-old child, weight 11 kg, and growth 84 cm, and therefore is the oldest child in the world. The only criterion by which to determine the age of Jali is teeth. The doctors, which was shown to parents, are not able to cure the child from this disease. They believe that he is sick with a rare disease “pan-hypo pituitarism”. It just makes a person grow (but about development not specified).

The smartest kids in the world. Let’s start with the little ones. Oscar Wrigley was the smartest kid in 2 years. His IQ (intelligence quotient) was equal to 160, like albert Einstein. He is well knowledgeable, knows a hundred times more than peers and has already been adopted into the ranks of the smartest people in the world (Oxford club ” Mensa “).

Another boy from Egypt name is Mahmoud Wael. For my age (14 years) he is the smartest kid on Earth today and is listed in the Guinness Book of records. He is inclined to mathematics, multiplies easily thousands of numbers and loves programming. The future path of development can be predicted. Perhaps this is the new Steve jobs.

And last year, the smartest kid on the planet was recognized 11-year-old Victoria Qawwi from the UK. Just think, her IQ of 162 is 2 points above Einstein, 6 points above Sigmund Freud and 18 points above Napoleon Bonaparte. She already sent the invitation to the Association “Mensa”. But while the girl wants to be a veterinarian. Who knows, maybe in the future she will come up with universal medicine for animals.

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