The Most visited country in the world

Don’t know where to go on vacation? In this case, you will help the ranking of the magazine “Around the world”, which includes the most visited country by tourists from all over the world.

The most visited country in the world

The favorite of tourists – France

This country ranks first in the ranking, as it was visited by the largest number of tourists last year. And it’s almost 77 million people. This is not surprising because in this small country gathered world attractions for every taste and interest – architecture, painting, history, wine making and much more. In addition, France thanks to its compact design, very convenient tourist attraction.

The USA is in second place in the “travel” the list of travellers

America is one of the most diverse countries in which you can get in the winter and once in summer. Elegant nature and huge cities – here everyone can find their passion and fulfill a cherished dream. At least 60 million tourists did it last year.

China – exotic trend number three

Every year China is gaining more popularity among the huge number of fans of exotic and ancient relics. So, last year, to touch the history of mankind, and to try exotic cuisine went 55.7 million tourists.

Spain – the Queen of beaches number four

It is difficult to meet a European who would not dream to go on the Spanish beaches. This country attracts lovers of comfort first-class service and excellent hotels. In addition, an increasing number of curious travelers go to Barcelona and other Spanish cities with a rich history. 52.7 million tourists visited Spain last year.

Italy is the European Mecca of number five

Italy – the most romantic place in Europe that can not leave indifferent not one person in the world. The narrow canals of Venice, mystical monuments of Rome, the paradisiacal beaches of Sicily welcomed 4.6 million tourists last season.

Britain – the Queen of Europe number six

This state could never be confused with any other. Good old England has always been the center of European traditions and culture. It still attracts tourists wishing to experience the English authenticity and own world of London. Last year it made more than 28 million tourists.

Turkey is practical and original number seven

Turkey, with its unique culture, traditions and history still remains interesting for travelers. 27 million tourists were able to touch the centuries-old civilization of the Roman Empire and the architecture of the Ottoman Empire.

Germany is the Queen of festivals number eight

26,9 million travelers visited various festivals and folk festivals in Germany last year. According to official data, the German government spends the most money in the world on the development of tourism.

Malaysia is a Paradise of sea and jungle number nine

Malaysian nature and luxurious of the coast “must have” in the list of any avid traveler. Last year there were nearly 25 million. As one of the most popular places among the tourists is the state capital of Kuala Lumpur.

Mexico is the birthplace of Indians and beach holidays

This is truly a tourist Paradise on earth, visited by over 22 million foreign visitors last year. Tourists love Mexican beaches, colonial cities and colourful festivals.

If you are faced with the dilemma of where to go on vacation this time, look at the most visited country in the world, which attract a huge number of travelers each year. These States are truly unique and diverse, we need only to decide what you want this time – a beach Paradise, journey to the past, the tumultuous life of megacities or unity with wild nature. Looking forward to your impressions of travel in the comments. Good luck!

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