The Unusual holidays November.

November – this is not the new year and already not a vacation, but who goes on vacation in November? It’s raining, snowing harder, the sun no. And the soul asks of celebration, fun, drop Martini, a piece of cake and other amenities. Meanwhile, in November, enough holidays that will be able to decorate and paint our lives. Doubt? Then go ahead, write down in your planner red and not the date on your calendar to not miss the interesting and unusual in your life.

November 1 – bailiff day

As they say, from Sumy to prison do not promise, and taxes, alimony, fines you pay promptly. Otherwise I will come to you to visit a bailiff! Work it hard and nervous, not going to anger the man. By the way, for the first time police officers appeared in the period of feudal fragmentation of Rus. And powers they had Nemer: I want the police to recruit and want – a military unit. Did not fulfill the court decision, the bailiff could and in a prison company to have or to do hard work. Alexander II created the Institute of bailiffs, who successfully worked prior to joining the Bolsheviks. Again, the bailiffs appeared in post-perestroika Russia. 6 November 1997 – birthday bailiff Service of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation.

3 November (the first Saturday of November) – world men’s day

Oh, this is one of my most favorite holidays. And offered it to celebrate Mikhail Gorbachev. The UN supported, then why refuse? Real men are lacking. And that a sin to conceal, regular to find. So, men, for you my dear! We love you very much, and you did not forget!

November 4-national unity day

Thanks for the extra holiday day off. And militia of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, who took China town, freeing the capital from the poles. People, tired of the Troubles, the infinite Ljedmitriev and other riots, gave the money and went to release the Russian land. The example at all times!

November 8 (second Thursday of the month) – world quality day

Since 1989, the whole world celebrates this holiday and struggling for quality. But you, when you go shopping, especially grocery, do not forget to read the labels and examine the expiration dates. Healthy and quality products to you!

November 8 – day KVN

Offer on this day, humorous and witty. “We are starting to” – a song everyone has heard of in our country, even babies. What could be better than a good joke? Only a very good joke!

We offer you to celebrate this fun day not only watching old and beloved comedies and records of KVN! Laugh and joke around, and a little more positive!

15 November (third Thursday of the month) – day of quitting Smoking

What can I say? Good to smoke! “Smoking is easy to quit. I was throwing. A thousand times,” said Samuel Clemens. aka mark TWAIN. Doctors say that the first attempt to quit Smoking 20%. Yes, you can! Itself left after 5 years of Smoking and did not regret it. Take the example of me, at least on this day.

November 17 – the day of the protection of the black cats in Italy

Yes, Yes, we’ve learned that a black cat runs across the road unfortunately. But in Italy encourage cats to protect. And the Italians are ready to bring the festival to an international level. It is only in one Rome go missing every year 15 000 black burysek. And how many lost their in the world? The black cats a lot of detractors, they are also less likely to be taken out of shelters. In other countries strongly supported the idea of protecting the cats. If England have a sign: the owner of a black cat without fans will not be left, so in England, these cats are in great demand. In Scotland, young and old dream of seeing dreams with a black cat, such as the caudate dream of riches. And the sailors all over the world happy to take the black cats with me, so they got lucky.

Well, today our journey through the November dates we’re finished, but the month Dinny! Holidays in the second half of the month will be plenty. Live clearly and let your every day be like a holiday!

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