Tulip Festival in Istanbul

Became known outside Turkey, the Tulip festival in Istanbul 2015 attracts attention of many tourists and residents of the metropolis. This is a significant event that has become almost a national holiday, held annually, in the midst of spring. The streets and parks of Istanbul in April is filled with millions of flowers tulips. Without exaggeration it can be stated that the Turkish metropolis is becoming the true capital of the Kingdom of delicate and colourful tulips, the true symbol of the coming spring. Flowers tulips are planted mainly in parks and alleys, but don’t forget about the streets and lawns near shopping malls and certainly in the flower beds in the yards of homes where residents live in the city.

Tulip festival in Istanbul 2015 is of particular importance because of the Tulip in Turkey is a national symbol, one of the elements of the Ottoman culture and traditions, rooted in the mists of time. Despite the fact that the Tulip originally grew on the endless hillsides of Asia, the Ottoman sultans appreciated this flower as the symbol of their power, the symbol of the Empire itself. So the tulips were widely used in the folklore, literature, and calligraphy. The motives of the Ottoman Tulip red flower with tall and thin, pointed petals, widely used in clothing. They adorned the famous Ottoman carpets and weapons. Moreover, floral motifs were widely used in the production of the famous tiles from Iznik, adorning the walls of mosques and palaces of Istanbul.

Seven years ago, Turkey decides to revive the tradition of Ottoman ancestors, deeply esteeming tulips. Moreover, Turkey has made considerable efforts in the direction you want to take away from Holland unspoken superiority in breeding colors. Every year Istanbul fights for the right to receive an honorary international title of “the capital of tulips”. The festival of tulips in Istanbul . which has the slogan “the most beautiful tulips in the Ground always grow only in Istanbul”, in the metropolis landed to one million bulbs, which are pre-grown in the former capital of the Ottoman Kingdom, Konya. Turkish breeders were again able to bring varieties of tulips, which are extremely delicate gentle flower with pointed ends, sung in the culture and ethnicity of this unique Eastern people.

During the Tulip festival in Istanbul planted over a hundred different varieties of tulips of different colors and shapes. Tulips are planted in special soil series, from the earlier to the later varieties. Therefore, the entire month of April in Istanbul tourists and locals happy the myriad of colors – at first glance simple, but at the same time, surprisingly delicate and beautiful flowers. By the way, the brevity of the Tulip extraordinary hiding power, they say, his mark was inspired by an unknown artist, who invented the famous monogram of Sultan Suleiman I.

Of course, the main events of the Tulip festival in Istanbul are in Emirgan Park. The festival organizers are convinced that this is where you can see the most amazing tulips. Moreover, for a luxurious and large glades different varieties of tulips are combined into a unique spatial composition. Turkish landscape designers tirelessly compete in creating the most unusual and unexpected spatial color shapes or patterns, combining tulips with other early flowers. Here you can see pictures or more simple panels that are created from fresh flowers. No cost holiday and no exhibition events, where they meet breeders from all over the world that would purchase a batch of new, rare varieties of tulips. But for ordinary citizens or residents of the city, time is set aside for sales of Tulip bulbs at more affordable prices. In Sultanahmet, usually concerts of folk masters and Turkish pop stars. And every resident of the city or a tourist necessarily looking for their own happiness, carefully looking at the buds of tulips, because according to the legend at the bottom of the flower hidden happiness. Tulip festival in Istanbul takes place in the famous Gulhane Park. located within walking distance to the heart of the city.

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