Unusual holidays around the world

In addition to public holidays, giving us an extraordinary weekend, there are plenty of other reasons to get a charge of positive emotions and good emotions. We offer a selection of the most unusual holidays.

Day cats

Did you know that cats have their own day? It turns out there, and it is celebrated on 1 March.

Internet day

Just imagine what would be our world without the world wide web? Significantly fewer communication difficulties with the extraction of information unavailability of half of the things without which we cannot imagine life! The Internet now allows us to communicate with you. Isn’t it wonderful? Note in your calendar on September 30.

Day pancakes

We all love to eat out, and when offered a thin crispy browned pancakes. So, how to resist? We owe this holiday the woman who disobeyed regulations about lent and secretly frying pancakes. And here’s the thing, at this moment rang the bell, and in those days it meant the alarm! And rushed the woman from the courtyard in the front, but with a pancake. Think, remember? No, it definitely still running. On 12 February.

Women’s day

Women restless people how they can stay alone on the pancakes? Women need their holiday. And do not expect that it is now about international women’s day! This celebration is called a bit simpler – day women. However, in this day of the fair sex do not accept gifts, and apply! February 29, a woman offers her hand and heart! Just think, the young man is in no hurry to call married, we just need to wait for this holiday. And that it is only in Ireland, we tactfully keep silent, let them share their holidays!

Day naked men

A day of naked men in Japan best representatives of the male half of the population dressed in only a thigh bandage, pre-purified in the temple, and then they all together run through the streets to attract good luck! Sometimes a bandage lose that much here, the costs of the pursuit of fortune.

Toilet day

Since we get such intimate details, it is worth remembering this original holiday as a day toilet. Think, where is it celebrated? In Singapore! And not just so, that Singapore is famous for its perfect cleanliness and aesthetics of the toilet rooms. On 19 November, the representatives of many countries over the world come to discuss pressing issues, and in one of these conferences even approved the formation of the world toilet organization!

Day of the stapler

What can we say about such essential human needs as toilets, if your individual holiday deserve even ordinary, unremarkable stapler. Nobody argues, this useful thing, but to give her a whole fifth of March? Well, this is indeed the case, we are going to celebrate it or not, the holiday he will stay. Why not have some fun on this funny?

Day faceted glass

Everyone if I haven’t said it, then definitely heard banter over pretty cheerful without any special reason by the company, they say they are celebrating the day of cut glass. And everyone thought it was just a joke. No you can’t. Day faceted glass exists and is celebrated on his birthday – September 11.

Day smiley

So to conclude today’s talk I would like on a very positive note. And what could be more positive smiley? This simple way to convey your emotions to a person who is on the other side of the screen, we are obliged to Professor Scott Falcone. He invented it 40 years ago, on 19 September.

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