Venetian carnival

In February, the city of Venice invites you to the most famous carnival in the world. In these days of Italian city turns into a real theatre, and all residents and visitors become actors.

The most festive events of the Venice carnival is held in the evening and at night, but the spirit of fun and joy there is around the clock.

A bit of history…

Choose the Venetians say that this tradition originates from Saturnalia — annual Roman festivals in honor of the God Saturn. It was a tradition to celebrate the festivities during the winter solstice after harvest. During the holidays the slaves sat at the same table with the hosts and class prejudice does not bother anyone, everyone wore masks.

The carnival was an outlet for all who followed strict religious laws and prohibitions of the Church.

From Venice carnivals gradually shifted to other cities and countries. The main attributes of any of the carnival steel costumes and masks — the so-hidden social distinctions, and on that day all became equal. The carnival was an outlet for all who followed strict religious laws and prohibitions of the Church. During the celebration, nothing seemed too bold, shameful, slutty.

Venetian carnival masks

Turns out the fabulous carnival has a pretty ordinary story. But this does not prevent the fans of real opportunities to experience the charm of carnival life. To feel yourself a part of this magnificence and become a wholly-holiday party, you need to pre-select the mask and think of the outfit.

The modern Venetian masks, just huge! These are real works of art: the masks are painted by hand using gold leaf and soil, and after that decorated with precious stones and feathers. They are the protagonists of a carnival extravaganza, when disguised as the crowd fills in the squares and streets of Venice. These days harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine or Pantalone can easily go up and talk to you!

The most popular masks:

«Moretta” — oval black mask for women;

“Bout” — men’s white mask made of satin, decorated with black silk. The outfit is complemented by the black hat and Cape;

“plague Doctor” — very sinister mask with a long beak;

«Mask cat” — once Venice was saved from the invasion of rodents cats exactly;

«VOLTO» or «Larva” — neutral mask that hides the entire face.

It remains only to choose any…

Carnival in our days

Each year carnival activities in Venice attracts more than half a million tourists to participate in the celebration or just to take a look.

I especially love to come here for couples in love. to celebrate Valentine’s Day on the eve of or during carnival. Enjoy festive Venice on Board the gondola — what could be more romantic? When you swim across the narrow streets of the Grand canal, the city seems just magical — houses, squares, palaces…

The carnival opens ” Festa delle Marie ” — the old Venetian celebration of the release of the girls abducted from the Istrian pirates. St. Mark’s square, spectators watch a performance in the style of Commedia Dell’arte, after which they are bombarded by a rain of confetti.

Then starts the carnival procession . of concerts and the fireworks are flashing in the old palaces give masquerade balls. in theaters performances on carnival theme. And here you can see costumed performances, which are fully recreate the frivolous, enchanting atmosphere of carnivals of the past centuries.

By the way, in 1996 at the Venetian carnival has even got its own anthem, which was written for him by French couturier Pierre Cardin.

If you want to go back to the fairy tale right in the middle of winter and see all this fantastic splendor — go to Venice. This adventure will never be forgotten!

To do it can anyone, only the number of hotel rooms must be booked before the holiday. In 2014, the carnival will be held from 15 February to 4 March.

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