What are the holidays in March?

Beginning of spring in many cities of Russia welcomes the residents of cold gusty winds and occasional trickling and the birds coming from the South. In the days of March are celebrated various holidays. Speaking about the significant dates March, we certainly remember international women’s day – March 8. Many owners of Pets will call and 1 March – Cat day. But still sometimes you want to give yourself a holiday and celebrate something else besides famous and popular dates.

What holidays in March celebrates Russia?

March 1 – Russia celebrates the Day of cats. The owners of these graceful and independent animals on this day will definitely pay a little bit more love and attention to their Pets. On the same day the Russians congratulate forensic experts of the interior Ministry on their professional holiday.

March 8 – international women’s day. This holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world, this is the day to congratulate the women, girls and girls.

10 March in Russia – Day archives. On this day let us remember the significance of the data store for us the history of our ancestors.

March 11 – mark their professional holiday of the workers of bodies of drug enforcement.

But on March 19, all Russia congratulates submariners.

March 23 – in Russia, Ukraine and Armenia celebrates the Day of meteorology. Not many can understand and appreciate the value of weather forecasts in our days. But these daily notes help us to stay warm in the evening and avoid heavy downpour without an umbrella.

March 24 – known to all Carnival! Pancakes, burning of effigies, jumping over bonfires and the welcoming of spring – all the contents of one of the most famous ancient Slavic holidays.

What holidays are celebrated in March, other countries and the whole world?

March 1 – world celebrates the Day of civil defense. On the same day the United States celebrates the day of women of color, and in Iceland on March 1 celebrate beer Day.

On 3 March . On this day the whole world congratulates the writers who contributed to the development of world and local cultures. On this day, anyone who writes something and expresses his thoughts on paper, celebrate their professional holiday.

And in Japan on March 3, congratulations to all the girls – country celebrates Hina Matsuri.

Many people understand how important in the modern world semis. Frozen food rescue you from hunger many singles, and Housewives do not disdain those products. But in America the significance of this culinary invention was confirmed by typing 6 March national holiday – Day of frozen foods.

March 9 – world day for DJs.

What other holidays in March are celebrated in the world?

On March 12 in Japan all come to plant new trees. In this country – tree planting Day.

13 March in Thailand says Thai elephant day.

March 14 – international day for the number of “PI”. Accidentally or on purpose, this holiday is timed to the birthday of the outstanding mathematician of all times and people – Of Albert Einstein.

On 17 March in Ireland and surrounding countries Day St. Patrick – Irish Saint who according to legend brought Christianity to one of the pagan Islands. This day in Ireland is celebrated every year and is very noisy – lots of beer, the Irish start the music and dance.

On the same day Ireland celebrates the independence Day.

March 21 – world day of the puppeteer. Yes, on this day, it is necessary to pay attention to those behind the curtain of fame gives children and adults a fun and unique puppet shows.

March 25, the UN declared international Day of remembrance of victims of slavery. And although slavery as a historical phenomenon has long been eradicated in the world the cases of trade and people.

March 31 – Day “backup”. In our world driven by Internet technologies and electronic communications storage, and most importantly – saving information in the safety – one of the main tasks. 31 March as the International day backup.

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