Winter carnivals of Europe.

The tradition of holding this Grand event has never changed. The opening of the carnival in Cologne is is always happens in the same day and at the same time – 15 February at 11 hours and 11 minutes. The festival program is very rich and entertaining.

The famous carnivals of Europe

Carnival in Venice

The Venetian carnival is the oldest of all European and, perhaps, the most famous and popular among tourists from all over the world. During the celebration of the city on the water visibly transformed – the streets are decorated with bright illumination, squares are drawn theatrical performances, their colorful chutes open traditional fairs.

Visiting Venice during carnival, you can visit one of the luxury parades, which are held inside the ancient Palazzo in such activities involved celebrities and stars of show business, they have a truly Royal scale and sophistication. However, the ticket for this kind of holiday will cost at least 800 euros, besides it can’t be without masks and carnival costume.

But Venice is generous and gorgeous festival – you will be happy costume balls, which is no more than 50 euros.

Holiday Madeira

Almost simultaneously with the Venetian and carnival is held on the Portuguese island of Madeira in Funchal. There are two main components of the festival – the festival of Samba dancers and a procession, in which you can participate, everyone from young to old, the presence of carnival clothing – welcome!

Cologne carnival

Carnival capital of Germany – Cologne, there is the world famous festival, which is accompanied by amusing storming city hall and cutting off ties to all passers-by. Also the tourists can enjoy the colorful carnival procession and participate in the “battle”, during which the opposing sides attack each other confectionery ammunition.

During this period, you can enjoy the numerous cafes and restaurants in Cologne’s traditional fish dishes and seafood. The climax of the carnival of Europe – a Grand burning of the straw effigy in the town square.

At a festival in Belgium!

Visit the Belgian city of Bin, you will witness a colourful carnival procession and a member of numerous entertainment events, which are invariably held during this period. The highlight of this carnival – orange comic fights that start on the third day of the celebration. The citizens and guests enter into competition with Gillani, characters who are dressed in scarlet with black clothes and, according to legend, are attacking the city.

The carnival in Tenerife

The largest carnival in Europe takes place in Tenerife, this is a real treat for lovers of fiery Latin dances, as it is a festival of the best dance groups from all over the world! In the midst of the celebration to be held the ritual burning of the sardine in the Central square of the city, a giant fish cremated under the “genuine” whining and crying all the participants.

The battle of flowers on the Cote d’azur

Carnival on the French Riviera, in nice, have been held since the thirteenth century, and each time they have a different theme. However, invariably there is the Battle of flowers, during which participants of this elegant carnival of Europe throw all guests fragrant “shells” from Mimosa, cornflower, daisies and poppies.

Prepared by information division

Visit any of the winter carnivals of Europe – this is a memorable event that will be enjoyed by the whole family!

Still, the carnival in Venice we put first in our personal rating 🙂 As the most luxurious event in Europe – and its centuries-old history speaks for itself.

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